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Private Sessions for you and your new baby 


Booking Information:

  • Privates: These take place with Lynn, in your own home as a  1-1 or for a group of friends.
  • Also can be given as a gift. Contact Lynn for more information.
  • Time & Place: Of your choosing
  • Email:
  • Call: 020 7281 7059
  • This baby massage two-hour session is best 0-4 months.
  • A bottle of organic massage oil and notes are included.
  • Skype Sessions also possible 

Private Sessions:   From the 20 years of working with new mums & babies Lynn has gained an enormous amount of experience and developed her unique approach and expertise in this area, she offers home visits  to introduce massage & movement in the early months after birth for baby,  these sessions will be tailored for baby’s & your particular needs 

Can include postnatal support and if you wish elements of yoga and breath for your recovery.(including pelvic floor issues)

You can also organise a sessions to include your partner or you and a group of friends/NCT groups etc in your own home or at an available time at the centre.

Call or email Lynn to discuss any of these options.

Email:  Call: 020 7281 7059

Support your baby’s developmental journey with your loving touch. Massaging your baby is not only a delightful way to bond through the language of touch. It also enhances your child’s development, can ease sleep and digestive problems, and will boost your skill and confidence as a new parent.

Postnatal Retreat in France May 2018 interested? Read more here & Breathe Elemental 

We found our session with Lynn extremely useful as we were able to practice with our own baby in our own home environment which is so helpful in the early weeks when you can’t quite face public transport yet and when you are still nesting.   Lynn was able to give advice on different  aspects of babycare, not just the massage and Matthew found going through a sequence of holds especially useful.  Lynn gently introduced the massage and it was insightful to see how to read your baby and go at their pace. Lynn also instructed me on using breathing and relaxation techniques to help post natal recovery and  make the most of any short bursts of time whilst baby is sleeping.   Lynn’s  experience shines through and her gentle and caring manner  gave us the reassurance to  build on our confidence and carry on following our instincts as a new family. All in all we would highly recommend this workshop, this would make a lovely present for parents of newborns and would most likely be more useful than most other newborn baby gifts! – Ratna & Matthew

We would highly recommend Lynn’s one-to-one baby massage lessons, which have enabled us to learn this invaluable skill with our newborn baby in the familiar surroundings of our home, without a disruptive journey at this early stage, allowing her to benefit from baby massage as soon as possible after a challenging birth. The one-to-one format allows the session to be tailored to the baby and family’s individual needs and gives scope for specific issues to be addressed in depth if necessary. Our daughter loved her massage and we really enjoyed learning this lovely skill that we can share with her as a family. Lynn’s clear, gentle instruction and wealth of knowledge about all aspects of baby care provided a much needed confidence boost for us as parents and a tool that we can now use daily to benefit our baby. – Amy & Andrew

For you & your baby or as a couple or a group of friends; the techniques are designed for babies from newborn to sitting. With very young babies you will discover how to work with them clothed and gradually introduce them to the massage.

You will learn basic massage techniques and become much more confident in the way you handle your baby, now and into the future as your baby grows and changes. If you already attend our weekly Baby Massage Classes or the New Baby & Me course, this is an ideal opportunity to include your partner or anyone else who cares for your baby. Don’t let your baby miss out on the fun!

After your personalised session with Lynn you may wish to attend Lynn’s New Baby & Me Course or Baby Massage Classes 

 Baby Massage


I just wanted to thank you for our session with you, we really enjoyed it, and of course so did young Benjamin. Alaistair has been very affectionate and involved with Benjamin since he was born, but all your encouragement and acknowledgment of fathers and their physical loving and caring role was really affirming for us both. Georgia, Alaistair & Benjamin

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