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Led by Janet Balaskas and Jill Benjoya-Miller
with Dominique Sakoilsky, Lynn Murphy and Lola Alcarez Perez

This is a birth educator training unlike any other – offering you unique practical skills to help awaken the instincts for birthing that all women have. It is primarily about birthing with the body and learning how to empower parents to trust in their innate ability to do this though experiential group work.

Included in this is a convincing, research based and eye-opening way of teaching the birth process.  As parents learn about the wonderful physiology of birth, you will see fear and anxiety turn to confidence. You will discover new ways  of demonstrating the baby’s journey through the bones of the pelvis and the involuntary functions of the uterus. Learn about cutting edge topics such as the hormonal and microbial physiology and the value of the placental transfusion and how these can be taught to parents in simple, engaging ways.

There will be plenty of opportunity for teaching practice, including how to demonstrate upright birthing positions through role play. You can be assured of a very lively and interactive training which includes a variety of experiential learning techniques.

Isn’t the human body marvellous! Now I know how it works and how I can support my partner I’m really looking forward to being there. I can’t wait to be a father and to see my baby! 

Preliminary Day – Introductions and ‘The Seven Secrets of Birth’

with Dominique Sakoilsky

This day will be led by senior active birth teacher Dominique Sakoilsky, author of the book ‘Seven Secrets of a Joyful Birth.’Using her incisive ‘Seven Secret’ method, she will take us all on a personal journey of emotional exploration and self reflection for ourselves as birth professionals, helping women and their partners prepare for birth and parenting.

A wonderful and inspirational introduction to teaching Active Birth, this is a unique a opportunity to meet and work with a very special and highly gifted teacher. We are delighted to start with this deeper way of coming together as a group as we delve into the Active Birth Training.

Teaching Active Birth – 4 days  

This includes a complete overview of the physiology of the birth process and learning to teach this to parents n the format of a practical Active Birth Workshop. This can be taught as a one day workshop or in separate sessions. As we go along you will be planning the content of your workshops with other participants so that you have a template to work from, by the end of the training.

It is also possible to use what you learn to fit into an existing programme of antenatal classes, to be taught as individual sessions or as a CPD for midwives and doulas to update yourself and to convey this information to parents before or during the birth.

You will have plenty of time to practice for your assessment and completion on Sunday  the 28th.


Throughout the 4 days the focus will be on natural birth physiology and how to teach it. We will also be including information for integration of active birth wisdom with interventions. We call this  ‘The Wise Woman’. These sessions will be led by  Jill Benjoya Miller.

More about ‘The Wise Woman’ sessions: It is important that women planning a natural birth can also adapt well to an unanticipated change of agenda. Whilst the focus of the course is on physiological labour and birth, we will spend time with each topic exploring situations  where mother and baby may require medical support. You will learn how they can continue to use Active Birth alongside interventions to minimise potential negative effects, and to enable the healthiest and most satisfying birth outcome.  Although you will not be required to teach this during the workshop you are certain to be asked questions or to encounter such situations in the labour room, so this is an essential part of the training.

Who this training may benefit

If you are an antenatal teacher, Hypnobirthing practitioner or a student, what you learn here will inspire you and enhance your skills. It is a fundamental part of any style of birth education or birth-preparation including hospital classes, NCT Courses, HypnoBirthing Courses, Prenatal Yoga and Pilates.
If you are a midwife, doula or student, this course will help you to prepare couples for birth and deepen your understanding of how to facilitate physiological birthing in the labour room. You will learn to enable instinctual behaviour and avoid disturbing the finely tuned physiology of the birth process.

You will learn to:

  • Answer the question ‘What is Active Birth?’ and demonstrate the comparative benefits of upright positions and movements.
  • Use a model pelvis and doll to demonstrate how the baby descends, rotates and is born in combination with the reflexive actions of the uterus.
  • Give information about the hormonal physiology, sexuality and instinct of birthing.
  • Appreciate how women move, breathe, make sounds and instinctively find optimal birthing positions – challenging common misunderstandings.
  • Help mothers to learn how to work with the energy and progress of labour naturally.
  • Discuss the benefits of working with the intensity of sensations.
  • Describe the interactions between mother and baby throughout the birth and in the first hour after birth.
  • Increase awareness of the microbial benefits of vaginal birth, an undisturbed third stage, the benefits of the placental transfusion and the innate reflexes of the newborn baby.
  • Work dynamically and confidently with groups using affirmative language, practical bodywork, visualisation and affirmations to build confidence and a positive mental attitude.
  • Learn to include the enrolment of the partner throughout.
  • Help parents feel confident to seek the information they need, to make good decisions and to advocate for themselves.
  • Understand how to incorporate Active Birth principles with medical interventions when necessary.
  • Learn a special approach to internal examinations, a comprehensive view of induction, most effective use of epidurals and positive caesarean birth.

Certification and requirements:

1. On booking you will be sent a confirmation email with details of where to buy a model pelvis and doll. It is essential that you have the specific models we require for the course. If you already have them please bring with you. Your confirmation email will have further details about this.

2. A 70-page course handout pack will be attached as a download for prior reading and you will be given a hard copy on arrival.

3. Full certification follows your passing the assessment, which will take place on Sunday 24th November. Long distance support will be given to anyone who needs to complete their assessment after the course. We anticipate that most will not need this.

2020 SUMMER CALENDAR 24th – 28th June 

The course starts with introductions to each other and the key principles of an Active Birth using the ‘Seven Secrets’ method on Wednesday 24th June.

This session led by Dominique Sakoilsky and Janet Balaskas.

Teaching Active Birth – 4 days. This is the main body of the training from Thurs 25th – Sun 28th June.

The training will be led by Janet Balaskas and Jill Miller.

Assessments and certification will take place during a plenary session on Sunday. Assessments will be led by Lynn Murphy and Lola Alcarez Perez and certification with the whole team!

This training runs twice a year in London. Timing: from 9.30am – 5.30pm with registration starting from 9.00am.

Venue: Active Birth Centre, London

Important: Training falls within the conditions of our Active Birth Professional Training Agreement. You will be required to sign this prior to receiving your certificate. There is also an agreement to sign about using the logo before you certify and you will need to give us proof of insurance before we can add your name to the certified teachers list on this website. We do have an insurance scheme you can join if required.

(Please note: Amendments to these conditions can be made in countries where they are not applicable; for those teaching within an institution or NHS trust where the classes are funded. Apply to Janet Balaskas through info@activebirthcentre.com.)

We are proud that this training programme has been accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).


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