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At the ABC our concept has always been to give continuous support and inspiration throughout the entire primal period from conception to toddler and the content of these training days includes all the skills Lynn has developed for the fourth trimester

Based on her extensive and innovative postnatal work over the last 20 years.  Lynn is delighted to offer this training to all professionals working with women in the pre and early postnatal period. (Doula, NCT, Yoga, Active Birth, Hypnobirth, Baby Massage Practitioners, Midwifes and Maternity Nurses)

Or maybe you are exploring the possibilities of working with new mums & babies? This training could be a wonderful stepping stone into the area. You will discover simple yet effective tools to help guide and support women through this emotional and transitional time.  A wonderful way to extend and develop your work in helping new families develop secure attachments from the start.

Information is important for new parents it helps them to make good parenting choices from an empowered position. This training is to help you fill a gap that is often there in the support of new families in the first few months, though awareness is growing and you will here more and more reference to the fourth trimester.

For those of us working with new mothers our role is to facilitate a place of non-judgment and support were women can feel safe to open up to others, while exploring what is normal to expect at this time. Then through the simplicity of touch, yoga and the breath alongside openhearted dialogue and discussion women can discover their mothering skills and the enjoyment that can be had when one does not feel alone.

This training will inform and enrich your present work and help you begin to plan workshops and classes relevant to the first months, with the option of starting in the latter months of pregnancy. You will develop a range of abilities to support the new mother & baby bonding process; these practical and deceptively simple techniques are designed to encourage more relaxed parents and calmer babies.

The first two training days can be taken as stand alone CPD or ideally as part of a 3 day training covering the early months after birth. The 3 days will be repeated yearly so you can start the process now with one or both of the first two days below and complete later if you wish.

If you are interested in hosting an in-house training contact Lynn direct

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Day 1: Understanding Baby – Friday, 16th November 2018

Increase your understanding of the transition into the world for baby

Look at the power of touch for new babies

Explore handling & holds for babies that encourage confidence in Mum

How to best introduce young babies to massage in the early months

Cost  £175 a day

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Day 2: A Mothers Wellbeing – Thursday, 13th December 2018

Better understand a woman’s journey from independence to becoming someone’s mum!

Build your awareness around a mother’s mental and emotional wellbeing in the fourth trimester.

Experience breath & bodywork applicable for the new mother

Understand the true benefits of working the core muscles & how best to do this!

Cost  £175 a day

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Day 3: Your Role – Working with New Mums & Babies – Friday, 11th January 2019

Explore the power of language and positive changes you can make.

Empower mothers to make the right decisions for themselves and baby

Discuss how to best support parents in their transition into parenthood

Develop your active listening skills to bring a unique sensitivity and presence to your work.

How to use & develop the skills you have at this time

Cost  £175 a day

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For the 3 full Days booked in advance £475

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Any questions: email Lynn directly to discuss

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About Lynn

Lynn trained with Janet Balaskas as an Active Birth Teacher for Pre and Postnatal yoga over 20 years ago, followed by training in developmental baby massage with Peter Walker. She went on to devise our Postnatal programme at the ABC as well as the development of the ABC Postnatal training and other trainings for the postnatal period. Lynn continues to develop this area of her work imaginatively, learning especially from the mothers and babies she meets in her classes. She also runs workshops at the her local Hospital and supports the local Maternity Voices group to improve services for new families. Lynn is also working in collaboration with BabyCalm to deliver the massage & movement element to their BabyCalm Trainings.

Many thanks for yesterday, lots of food for thought! I will be spending this afternoon on my new antenatal classes coming up next week and look forward to weaving in some of what we have been discussing and learning about in your course. It’s so refreshing  to learn new information and ways to present it differently/more creatively. Even though I have been doing midwifery for many years, it’s a huge subject and always fascinating learning new things and hearing from others about there knowledge and experiences. I think as a group we worked and learnt well together, thank you for facilitating it so expertly Lynn, we will have all hugely benefited from the time you spent with us, teaching us, guiding us and making us think!! – Alison – Midwife

I so enjoyed my three days training at The Active Birth Centre- a place I had longed to visit having read so much about the fabulous and inspiring work that goes on there. I was not disappointed. I spent three wonderful days there in the company of inspiring women from diverse backgrounds in midwifery, yoga and doulas. Under the guidance and nurturing of Lynn Murphy- a truly gifted facilitator- we were taken on a journey of self reflection and discovery. Lynn’s long working career of working with mums in the postnatal period really shone through. She facilitated a great course both in content and style. I left feeling I had gained a huge amount of information, tools and exercises that I can use in my work both in a one to one setting and in group work. Thank you Lynn for sharing your knowledge and wisdom so beautifully. BSc MSC Health Psychologist, Maternity Nurse, Doula & Night Nanny–  Christina Johnson Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!  

It was a pleasure to meet and learn from you. You have an amazing way of looking at giving care and empowerment to women and I feel you have changed my practice forever. Such a refreshing change to learn from someone who is clearly so passionate about the job they do…and so made for it!  – Sarah Smith Midwife

Thanks so much, again, for this wonderful  3 days. I am really over the moon and can’t stop thanking the universe. My expectations were over met! Beyond what I could imagine.  I was not expecting it to be so inspiring and rich in terms of information. I just loved it! I feel empowered! – Doula

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