Midwives Testimonials for the Teacher Training

Calling all midwives!

Whether you plan to teach a workshop not, or want more  confidence to encourage and assist women to have an Active Birth in the labour room – this course could transform your way of working.

Over the years  we have  had midwives participate in this course from all over the UK as well as Brussels, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Portugal, Italy, Finland, Estonia, USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Kuwait, Dubai and Germany. The results have often been transformative, resulting in an increase in natural Active Births.

Here is what some of them  said about the training:

A totally inspiring and wonderful course. I look forward to taking so much new information and ideas to my  workplace and driving forward changes. 

We are so blinded by guidelines and protocols  – this was an eye opener! And all teaching is evidence based, very detailed and thorough. An excellent refresher for midwives and essential for midwifery students.

A massive thank you! I have loved being here and am looking forward to my next shift on labour ward already.

Polly Ferguson – Consultant midwife, North Wales attended the training in 2017.

Sandra Ebanks SOM;RM: RGN is an NHS midwife who attended the training in 2015.

sandra ebanks“I feel very fortunate to have been funded by The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust to attend Janet Balaskas Active Birth Teaching Training. I would not hesitate in recommending this training to all midwives’ or indeed to student midwives. I found the training enlightening, invigorating and inspirational.
Throughout my midwifery career I have always been passionate about providing support to women and their families during their births. I am very proud and privileged to manage Willow Suite birthing unit, working alongside compassionate midwives who have chose to be advocates for women in normal birth.
Janet’s training emphasis is in respecting and recognising the amazing physiological power of a women’s body during birth, whilst the midwife can facilitates this process by instilling confidence, trust and security of feeling safe in the woman, to enhance nature’s cocktail of hormones to flow undisturbed through the women’s veins.
This training programme has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) and the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT) providing the credibility it deserves.


Nicola Barker, NHS midwife who attended our recent training in 2014, describes the impact Active Birth training has had on her practice as a midwife.

“When I began I thought how I can be taught anything new? How surprised I was after the first module! I went back to maternity and started implementing Active Birth.

Janet Balaskas renewed my faith in midwifery. I began to feel passionate that women know how to birth their babies and my enthusiasm showed throughout delivery suite. Student midwives were asking what I had learnt and their delight when I said put the woman’s suitcase on the bed and lift it as high as it will possibly go brought about hysteria, however this was a serious message that staying mobile will help birth all these beautiful babies.”

Sharon Gowans midwife award

Sharon Gowans with her award for Midwife of the Year 2014

Sharon Gowans recently won “Midwife of the Year” award at her local trust for the Active Birth Classes she runs and has also been nominated for a ‘Shining Star’ award.

“I attended the course in 2009. Since then I have been teaching Active Birth as part of my role as a midwife. Janet and her team helped me to gain the confidence to get started and equipped me with ideas and motivation to set up my own classes for couples.

Active Birth classes empower couples and help them to feel confident as they approach labour and birth, which enables them to have a positive birth experience. It also inspires midwives looking after couples in labour when they see them use the techniques that they have learned in the classes.

The feedback has been so positive, we now have Active Birth rooms on the Consultant Led delivery suite. We recently invited Janet Balaskas to our trust to provide Active Birth training for a group of midwives, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Active Birth is now part of the mandatory training for midwives too.

I feel like I am really making a difference in my role as a midwife and highly recommend the courses that Janet and her team provide.”

Sinead Quinn

Sinead Quinn bringing Active Birth to Ireland

Sinead Quinn is an Antenatal Educator and Midwife based in Northern Ireland. She completed her Active Birth training in 2013.

“As a midwife promoting active birth in the NHS, I have seen how the active birth principles not only encourage normal births and happier infants but it is the active birth process as opposed to passive birth that allows women to be empowered both during and beyond the birth.

The teaching I received was wonderful in that it allowed me to develop my own communication and teaching methods. This ensures that knowledge is imparted in a memorable, respectful way. I highly recommend this course for all practising midwives.”

Debbie Goode Midwife

Debbie Goode with one of her Active Birth mums

Recently certified as a workshop teacher, Debbie Goode has been a midwife for over 20 years and completed the Janet Balaskas Active Birth Teacher Training in 2014.

“I would recommend this training to any midwife. I have experienced working as the woman’s advocate and carer at home births and in a consultant led unit. The training was precise, in depth and complex. It inspired me to increase the depth of my knowledge and skills.

The methods of teaching are unique to Janet Balaskas and the network of support is vast and ongoing once qualified and flexible to the individual circumstances and place of work you are in.

The techniques taught are very effective. We hope to extend this positive way of teaching throughout our local area and expand this great network. My colleague who attended with me and I have already used some of the new techniques shown to us with positive outcomes and this has inspired other colleagues in a ripple effect.

I am proud to be a certified Janet Balaskas Active Birth Teacher and excited to see the future education improve and the positive impact this will have on the pregnant and labouring women in our community.”


This training programme has been accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).


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