Hypnobirthing for Active Birth Weekend Course

This  course will resume live after the lockdown is lifted for such events. In the meanwhile we recommend that you combine the Online Hypnobirthing for Active Birth Course and Active Birth Online Workshop as an equivalent or arrange a private online session with Janet Balaskas. These can be located on the menu for antenatal classes and there are links to book and pay online.

For information or queries email jb@activebirthcentre.com

We’ll always be grateful for the positive experience we had on the course and during the birth. The midwife told me she was amazed that I was so calm and in control. I tell everyone that my birth was so straightforward  thanks to  Hypnobirthing for Active Birth – the ultimate combination!

This is an exceptional weekend course – everything you need in two amazing days. Highly recommended and great for partners  – I learnt so much.

The Hypnobirthing course was simply incredible! A perfect mix of physiology, practice of positions and education about birth, taught in such an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

 COST: £200 per person / £395 per couple.  The price includes the course materials of 1 manual with a link to 5 downloadable  MP3’s, which is sent to you on booking in the post. In addition a course note folder and a handbook are given to you on the day.

Taught by Janet Balaskas and Jill Benjoya Miller

Course Dates & Times for 2020
June, 2020 Sat 6th & Sun 7th Cancelled 
July, 2020 Sat 18th & Sun 19th Cancelled
September, 2020 Sat 12th & Sun 13th Book Online
October, 2020 Sat 24th & Sun 25th Book Online


Sat 5th & Sun 6th

Book Online

** For more detailed information:
email info@activebrithcentre.com or call 020 7281 6760

About the Course:  This is our signature antenatal course, offering the ultimate birth preparation.  You will get a complete Hypnobirthing course especially created to combine with Active Birth so that you get all the extraordinary benefits of both – a unique and empowering combination. It will leave you confident, relaxed, prepared and inspired.

There are 4 sessions Saturday and Sunday all day, including a Wise Woman session to help you to manage special circumstances and to make wise decisions and choices. It’s the most comprehensive birth preparation course you will find.

This is such a complete and up-to-date course that we are confident you do not need anything else to be fully informed and prepared for your birth. It is very experiential, so you will be learning practically with your body about positions, touch, deep relaxation, breathing and partner work. You will acquire amazing inner tools to help you, your partner and your baby to have a wonderful and positive experience.

This course very beneficial for couples to attend together, but is also good to attend on your own and in this case you will  be partnered by the teacher or another person attending on her own.

Private Session with Janet:  A 4 hour alternative to the course:  The session will be tailor made to your requirements and can include Active Birth or Hypnobirthing or both.  You will be given a handout and the option to purchase the Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing manual on the day (Cost £25  – includes the manual and 5 downloadable MP3’s).

Private sessions as a refresher or consultation: £110 per hour as required.

You can book Private Sessions with Janet. Please click here for further information and to book online.

Skype sessions

Private sessions with Janet can also be held on Skype by arrangement, if you are unable to attend in person. This can work very successfully from anywhere with internet. 2 hour sessions are recommended and you will need a quiet undisturbed place. Email for more details.

Email: alice@activebirthcentre.com for advice and to book.

Materials for the Weekend Course: You will be sent a Hypnobirthing Manual in the post with 5 relaxation and hypnobirthing scripts in the form of downloadable MP3’s. On the day you will receive Janet’s  Preparing for Active Birth Handbook written especially for the course, which is great follow on reading.

The hypnobirthing resources are from the Wise Hippo Programme which works very well with Active Birth. We will work with these throughout the course and then you can continue ongoingly at home. Inspirational films will be shown throughout this course which show mothers giving birth  combining upright positions with hypnobirthing techniques.

Your teaching team 
This course is led by two outstanding and experienced teachers.
Janet Balaskas is one of the leading birth educators and authors in the UK and the pioneer of Active Birth. She has been teaching her iconic courses for four decades and welcomes many whose mothers attended her courses.
A great innovator and inspirational teacher, she weaves Hypnobirthing and Yoga into all aspects of her work.  Jill Benjoya Miller is a highly skilled and experienced teacher, trained originally by Janet and working with her for many years in the field of pregnancy, birth and also as a doula.


Janet answers your questions

How is this course different to other Hypnobirthing Courses?

I trained in the Marie Mongan method but changed to Wise Hippo because I found it much more applicable to the UK, more compatible with Active Birth. It has excellent resources including 5 relaxation and affirmation MP3’s. The feedback I get about it from clients has been excellent and it certainly works well in practice. All HypnoBirthing techniques are very similar, involving breathing and deep relaxation. What makes all the difference is the regular  home practice before and after the course which is why we send out our materials by post on booking, to give you a head start and then detailed guidance during the course.

Is this a full Hypnobirthing course?

Yes it is and you get the benefit that the Active Birth content is much more detailed.

Is this course only about natural birth?

We believe that the majority of births do not need any intervention and our aim is to reduce that likelihood. However when there are special circumstances we empower you to have a positive Hypnobirth nonetheless.   Even if the agenda does need to change and interventions are needed, we make sure you know how to apply the techniques you will learn.

if you have a question you would like Janet to answer please email info@activebirthcentre.com


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