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Mama & Me Yoga is the second of our postnatal courses. It has come about from mum’s asking for a follow on to our New Baby & Me Course ,  which was designed for mum & baby’s first 3 months of life together. Mama & Me has the same ethos of providing a supportive and nurturing space in which to explore your ongoing transition into Motherhood.

Aimed at those of you starting to feel stronger and wanting a sociable and fun class for you and your baby but with added focus.  You can attend once your baby has entered her fourth month until crawling. You may attend the course more than once if you wish.

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Where, When and How Much?

Online Course 

 October 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

5 Thursday mornings: 10.30 – 12.30


 October 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th

5 Thursday mornings: 10.30 – 12.30


November 12th, 19th, 26th & December 3rd, 10th

5 Thursday mornings: 10.30 – 12.30



Face to Face 

   A return to Face to Face Course at Down to Earth, Tufnell Park

October 20th & November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th (no class 27th Oct – half-term)

5 Tuesday afternoons: 1.00 – 3.00pm


Missed the start of a course? email me to join on a weekly basis 

Mama & me will include at its core, yoga for you, designed to regenerate your flagging energy, rebuild strength and provide the space for you to nurture yourself and your baby. As your baby grows you will notice that they can spend time happily close by while you practice. We make a welcoming space in the centre of the room and place our yoga mats around them and they watch the fun of us moving our bodies around and can were they wish join in.

We will also include two short baby sessions during the course that will explore developmental baby massage and baby yoga to help your growing baby through their developmental milestones.

Discussions will include any ongoing issues of life with your baby. Subjects such as baby led weaning, reusable nappies and baby wearing will be looked at in more details and with some invited guests.

Did you know …      

It takes approximately six months for your body to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth? During this time you need to be careful how you exercise, these classes are designed specifically for these months to help your body to regain strength and tone in a safe and effective way. 

Special attention is given to the ongoing rehabilitation of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Over the weeks, you will grow in strength and confidence.

Yoga is a wonderful way to take care of yourself, it brings a sense of well-being and equilibrium, alleviates tiredness and aches and pains and reminds you to relax, developing more flexibility in mind and body. The practice of mindful breathing within the  yoga will give you a tool to use daily in your new life as a Mother.

Baby & You Family Retreat

Nurture, Nourish & Renew

 Ibiza Spring 2021

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Here’s what some mothers say about the classes:

I will be eternally grateful to Lynn and her Mama & me classes for providing critical advice on regaining pelvic floor strength. After a second vaginal birth which caused a severe cervical prolapse left me extremely weakened, I was struggling to do the pelvic floor exercises required to gain strength and prevent serious problems in the future (including incontinence), even with the support of physiotherapy. Advice from Lynn on breathing techniques in particular has made it possible for me to start doing the exercises properly without the aid of a machine and I will be making yoga classes an unmissable part of every week!

I first attended the New Baby and Me course with Lynn, and then two runs of her Mama and Me course. I was feeling really vulnerable when I first attended, when my baby was just 6 weeks old, Lynn’s class was a little oasis of safety and calm during this time. It was a lifeline meeting other mums and Lynn provided us all with a nurturing and non-judgmental space. Her gentle approach and advice allowed me to learn to trust my instincts and gave me the permission I needed to parent in the way that I wanted to. I made some really good friends on the course too who I’ve kept in touch with. The combination of baby massage, yoga, and advice from outside professionals on weaning, nappies, and self-care, was exactly what I needed to help build my confidence and my strength, and Lynn really provides a holistic approach to mind and body. The classes are small and personal and Lynn really makes a huge effort to get to know everyone individually as well as providing additional resources and support. I was really sad to leave in the last class as it felt like family having seen our little ones grow from 6 weeks to 6 months. It really was a very special place which I’m so thankful to have had, and I can’t recommend the classes highly enough to new mums. Thank you Lynn! 

Lynn’s Mama & Me Yoga classes were a lovely environment to meet others with babies of a similar age whilst practicing gentle yet energising movement. It was so nice to be at a class where I felt it was ok to stop and reassure or feed my baby whenever necessary whilst relaxing in a lovely calm environment, highly recommended.


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