Private Sessions with Janet Balaskas

I had a private hypnobirthing session with Janet and had a beautiful natural ‘hypno’ birth for my daughter, Camille.  I found it so incredibly useful!

Private Sessions with Janet Balaskas can be arranged if you prefer to work one-to-one or one-to-couple, or if the dates for a course don’t work for you. they are held on zoom.

Birth Preparation
Having taught birth preparation for four decades and as the founder of Active Birth, Janet Balaskas offers expert private birth preparation which is tailor made to your needs and is designed to fulfil what you hope to gain from the session. This can include Active Birth and Hypnobirthing techniques, natural birth physiology as well as guidance for combining these with interventions if and when needed. Whether you want a natural birth, to use a birth pool, might opt for an epidural, need to be induced or if your baby needs to be born by CS – Janet can inform you about how to have a relaxed, calm and positive birth in any circumstances.

Small Group Birth Preparation
If you wish to share your Active Birth or HypnoBirthing  session with friends and arrange a group yourself this can be a good option. In this case, there is a maximum number of 8. Please see below for details.

This can be ideal if this is your second or consequent pregnancy or if you want an additional session with Janet.

Cost of private sessions

One to one

1 person/couple £110 per hour 

Private Sessions can be shared if you arrange the group. Maximum 4 bookings.

The price per booking (solo or couple) is £80 per hour for each booking

Shared sessions are for 4 hours.

Please apply by email to and be sure to include your phone number so Janet can call you to discuss the details and arrange a date. Payment is in advance  by bank transfer and is subject to our usual cancellation policy.


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