Private Sessions with Janet Balaskas

I had a private hypnobirthing session with Janet and had a beautiful natural ‘hypno’ birth for my daughter, Camille. She’s now a bubbling 18 month old, and we couldn’t be happier. I found it so incredibly useful!

Private Sessions with Janet Balaskas can be arranged if you prefer to work one-to-one or one-to-couple, or if the dates for a course don’t work for you. they are usually held face-to-face but can also be by Skype if necessary.

Birth Preparation
Having taught birth preparation for four decades and as the founder of Active Birth, Janet Balaskas offers expert private birth preparation which is tailor made to your needs and is designed to fulfil what you hope to gain from the session. This can include Active Birth and Hypnobirthing techniques, natural birth physiology as well as guidance for combining these with interventions if and when needed. Whether you want a natural birth, to use a birth pool, might opt for an epidural, need to be induced or if your baby needs to be born by CS – Janet can inform you about how to have a relaxed, calm and positive birth in any circumstances.

Small Group Birth Preparation
If you wish to share your session with friends and arrange a group yourself this can be a good option. In this case, there is a maximum number of 8 and the hourly cost is reduced according to the number of women sharing. Please note the price is calculated per pregnant woman and remains the same if you come as a couple. If you wish to arrange a group yourself, please email who will send you further details. Private group sessions are held at the Active Birth Centre.

One off Consultation
This is a specialist consultation with Janet to help you work out your birth preparation programme, for any other pregnancy/birth related issue, a sensitive pregnancy or a specialist referral.

This can also be a useful way to talk through your feelings about your birth postnatally and come to terms with what happened.

This can be ideal if this is your second or consequent pregnancy or if you want an additional session with Janet.

Breech Baby Consultation
If your baby is lying in the breech (head up) position at or after 34 weeks a session with Janet can help you to explore your options for the birth. She will show you exercises that might encourage baby to turn, tell you what to avoid and will also give a hypnobirthing relaxation designed to encourage a breech baby to turn during the session, which you can record and practice at home. Janet can also refer you to the ABC acupuncturist who can help support this session.

Pregnancy Yoga Practice Essentials
In this one-to-one session Janet can guide you as to the best home yoga practice for your body and your needs. If you have pelvic girdle pain or other structural issue or sensitivity, a private session can guide you as to what you can and can’t do and give you alternatives that are safe and healing.

Cost of private sessions is based on a fee of £110 per hour whether you come on your own or as a couple. The time you need for your session will be assessed by Janet on application. Please apply by email to and be sure to give us your phone number so Janet can call you to discuss what you have in mind and to make the arrangement.

Sessions may be held at the Active Birth Centre or in Janet’s consulting room in London or Bournemouth and sometimes by Skype.

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