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Active Birth Film
Prepare For The Birth Of Your Baby With Janet Balaskas

The antenatal workshop for anyone interested in giving birth naturally – now available as a feature length film!
Janet brings her iconic Active Birth workshop to your home, taking you on an inspirational journey from the start of labour to the magical hour after birth.
This beautiful and practical guide will build your confidence and provide an invaluable resource you can work with throughout your pregnancy.
Discover your potential to have an easier, more comfortable, and natural birth.

Book — Paperback or Kindle edition

This is the book you must read if you want to be active during the birth of your baby. It will help you and your partner to empower and inspire yourselves for an Active Birth. Throughout
time and the world over, women have chosen to walk, stand, squat, lie – to move their bodies freely and actively to find the most comfortable positions for labour and birth. This is the
way to feel more comfortable, progress well and prevent complications. With this book, you can learn to develop all your body’s resources to deal with the instinctive experience
of childbirth.  “New Active Birth” is the  revised edition of Janet Balaskas’ pioneering and acclaimed “Active Birth” covering over 180 clear black and white photographs and line
drawings throughout. Includes sections on Water Birth and recovery after birth with yoga based prenatal and postnatal exercises, illustrated step by step photographs. This is an iconic
book that transforms birth and changes lives all over the world.

Yoga for Pregnancy – MP3 download plus illustrated booklet
Audio and booklet 2 hours of Yoga Instructions

Inside the booklet there is a code to download more than 2 hours of Yoga for Pregnancy narrated by Janet. Ideal for home practice, you can follow the audio instructions,
whilst using the illustrated visual guidance in the booklet.   By following this series of pregnancy yoga positions you will improve posture, strength and flexibility for a more comfortable
pregnancy.  At the same time you will be learn breathing, movements and active positions that can be used to prepare for labour and birth. Use the MP3 in  sections through the week,
giving you plenty of regular practice with clear and precise guidance by an expert and pioneer in the field.

If you are planning to use a water birth pool, are using Active Birth and Hypnobirthing techniques, this is a book that will really inspire you.
Here is a very effective way to make the experience of giving birth shorter, easier and much more comfortable.
A proven alternative to medical pain relief in labour, the use of water can also increase the possibility of a natural and joyful birth should you wish to stay in the pool.
Whether you give birth at home, in a birth centre or hospital the benefits of water birth are now widely understood and accepted by midwives.
This new edition of The Water Birth Book will inform you about everything you need to know when using a pool and is also full of personal stories.

62-Page Paperback Handbook

This handbook was written for parents-to-be attending Janet Balaskas’s Active Birth Weekend course and is a great addition to all ante natal courses. The contents cover the benefits
and physiology of an active birth, water birth and how to use a birth pool as well as helpful complementary therapies. It also includes information about medical back up that may be helpful,
or necessary, during the different phases of labour and birth and how interventions can be combined with active birth positions. Giving birth is an instinct – it happens when your baby is
ready to leave the womb. For the majority of women, labour has the potential to progress normally with no complications. This handbook will help you to stay in charge in all circumstances,
make good choices and to remain positive, confident and empowered throughout the birth of your baby.