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The Power of Breathing

The essence of yoga and the key to a good birth I was inspired this week by Seun whose waters broke at 32 weeks and had her baby at 33 weeks + 6 days weighing 2.035kg. Seun wrote: ‘Although this was absolutely not my ideal birth plan, it worked out beautifully as I was able

What is the ideal environment for an Active Birth?

Thanks to Olivia for this question. She is in early pregnancy and exploring her options about where she wants to give birth What is the ideal environment for an Active Birth? The most important factor in the space you will be giving birth is that you feel safe, relaxed, and have a sense of privacy.

Active Birth – why is it better?

In my last Active Birth Workshop, I was asked this question. Actually, it was a father to be, wanting the best for the birth of their baby, who asked this question so thank you Thomas. Why should I have an Active Birth? For several decades I have been teaching couples the benefits of an Active

Healing Postnatal Herbal Bath

Hello all – this blog continues the theme of the perineum and healing after birth – I would like to share a very precious recipe with you for an amazing Healing Postnatal Herbal Bath. This miraculously soothing organic postnatal herbal bath will optimise your natural recovery after birth. I used to make this for women

Perineal Massage for the last month of your pregnancy

Can you tell me how to do perineal massage? Carrying on with the theme stimulated by Irene’s question – How to prevent a tear during the birth? – this newsletter gives you the method for the age-old tradition of perineal massage in late pregnancy. At the time, nature will provide all the lubrication and stretching

How to avoid a tear during birth

Can you give me some tips about healing the perineum naturally after birth? I am worried about tearing or having an episiotomy. This is a question most women want to know about so thank you Irene for asking! I’m going to start in this issue with the natural physiology – how your body is designed

How to encourage high hormone levels during labour

Can you explain how to encourage high levels of hormones during labour. How would this enhance good progress and provide natural pain relief? This fascinating topic is included in all my workshops and courses. The main birth hormones – oxytocin and endorphins – are produced in the hypothalamus, which is a gland located deep in

How to Make the Most of a Medical Induction

These days the topic of induction comes up for most women at the end of pregnancy. Thanks to everyone who sent in a question about this. This is my last newsletter on this topic – I suggest you save these newsletters in case you need them at the end of your pregnancy. Unless the need

Natural Ways to Induce Labour

Laura has asked the question: Are there any non-medical ways to help labour get started? Thank you, Laura, for the question. You can certainly try natural methods of induction or ‘nudges of encouragement’ first, unless the need to induce is urgent. All methods of induction, natural or medical, are likely to work best when carried

What to do when you’re ‘overdue’

To continue the theme from my last newsletter, stimulated by Helen’s question Do I need my labour to be induced? This a huge topic and could take up several newsletters! Your EDD (estimated due date) has probably been in your mind since your first ante-natal check-up. It can be very disappointing and frustrating to find