Here is a list of doulas whom we know. We don’t recommend individual doulas but suggest that you call a few to find the right person for you. Should you discover that someone on this list is no longer available p0lease lket us know so we can update the list by emailing info@activebirthcentre.com.

Sue Boughton
Email: souladoula@gmail.com
Phone number: 07811 953277
Sue is also the massage therapist at the Active Birth Centre and has skills in Spinning Babies and Rebozo techniques to assist you help your baby into a favourable position before the birth. Please click here for further information.

Lola Alcarez-Perez
Email: lolaxav@hotmail.co.uk
Phone number: 07969549881

Jill Benjoya Miller
Email: JillActivebirth@aol.com
Phone number: 020 8445 1159

Arlene Dunkley Wood
Email: info@doula4birth.org.uk
Phone number: 07976903003

Alison Grunwald
Email: a.grunwald@btinternet.com
Phone number: 07831 468 634
Website: www.alisongrunwald.co.uk

Lara Olchanetzky Duke
Email: lara@amadoula.co.uk
Phone number: 07894 865 259

Tamara Riley – Ciafini
Tamara is the founder of the wise Hippo birthing programme and is located in Hertfordshire
Email: aussietam@hotmail.com
Phone number: 07951 102213

Regina Covington
Email: regina@rightsofpassagemidwifery.com
Website: www.rightsofpassagemidwifery.com

Hampstead Doulas
Alison Grunwald, Lauren Mishcon and Debra Virchis
Website: www.hampsteaddoulas.co.uk/home

Yolanda Diver
Phone number: 07730986338
Website: www.yolandediver.com

Bara Stastna
Phone number: 07974 245 887
Website: www.beautifulbirth.info