Baby Massage near Highbury

Learn Baby Massage near Highbury

baby massage

In the first months of life your baby will receive a great deal of what he needs from your loving touch.

Touch may be the gentlest caress, through to a full body massage. As humans, we thrive on touch: when we touch another we are touched ourselves.

Baby Massage has been used across cultures to improve wellbeing, promote development and encourage bonding.

baby massage

You can use massage to help your baby to arrive in her body. She will feel more at ease in herself and more connected, through you, to the world. Your confidence in one another will blossom.

At the Active Birth Centre we offer:

Baby Massage near Highbury

  • Baby to discover better, deeper relaxation & sleep
  • Build your connection to your baby in early months
  • Enhance your baby’s sense of security and being loved
  • Better understand your baby’s cues
  • Introduce you to the value of ‘tummy time’ for baby
  • Relieve common issues like colic, constipation and wind
  • Improve growth, weight gain and muscle tone
  • Build your confidence in handling your baby

Postnatal Support:

Learning baby massage near Highbury at the Active Birth Centre is a great opportunity to meet up with others and grow in confidence in parenting your baby. There will also be time for tea and sharing your experiences with other parents.

You will be amazed by the magic that takes place during these classes and how much babies love them!

baby massage