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There is nothing greater than hearing about the positive birth experiences of the wonderful parents we work with.  This lovely note comes from Anna who attended Janet’s yoga classes at the Active Birth Centre.

I wanted to send you news of the birth of our daughter, Ava, and to thank you for all of your calm rational and truly helpful advice you provided throughout my pregnancy. Your yoga sessions were something I looked forward to each week; they helped me to maintain calm and focus in a busy world and to realise how important it is to respect our pregnancy, our bodies and the babies that we are growing.

The information you shared was invaluable to Ava’s calm and happy entrance into the world – I will forever thank you for the power of the J-breath and the knowledge of fist breathing. I feel blessed to have been able to birth my baby at home, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. I felt in control of my birth (from a medical perspective) and was happy to let my ‘birthing body’ take over when the time came…leading to a comfortable and instinctive birth with no tearing or complications. This is all thanks to Natal Hypnotherapy/Hypnobirthing and advice from you, so, thank you!

Ava was born a week late on Wednesday 4th January 2017, weighing a diddy 6lbs 11oz. She seems to be settling in well and is very chilled (so far!). Her big brother Finn is taking to his new role amazingly well!

I hope your classes are going well and wish all of your pregnant ladies the best of luck with their new arrivals when the time comes…also to enjoy the calm while they can (I’d love nothing more than 2 hours in your class right now!). I’d also be happy to talk to anyone concerned about or considering a home birth as I cannot recommend it enough.

If you’d like to speak to Anna about her home birth experience, please get in touch and we can help connect you.

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