A Labour of Love Part 2: The Value of Preparing for Birth in Pregnancy

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I have worked with mothers to be in pregnancy for more than 30 years and helped many hundreds of them to successfully access their mammalian instincts and to give birth naturally.

As humans we have the disadvantage of our over-active rational brain and cultural conditioning to be afraid of giving birth. We are giving birth in a culture where birth is largely perceived as a medical event, difficult, painful and even potentially an emergency.

For this reason we are the only mammals who can benefit from preparing for birth. We can use the pregnancy to reverse this conditioning and discover confidence and trust in our bodies. We also need to seek or create an environment where we have the necessary sense of privacy, safety and seclusion that all mammals, including ourselves need to give birth.

Janet-and-class_editThe right kind of preparation in pregnancy can give the mother the inner resources to find a sense of safety and seclusion within herself – even when the environment is not ideal.

Yoga, relaxation, an understanding of the physiology of the birth process, meditation and Hypnobirthing techniques can all be very effective and can include the partner.

Supportive birth attendants such doulas, midwives and doctors who understand are an important part of the birthing circle and environment that surrounds the mother – available but not intrusive on her privacy – always giving her the message that she can do this – especially when she thinks she can’t!

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