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I also feel this is an moment when I can express my own gratitude for your book, New Active Birth.

I have five children, home birthed except one. I loved giving birth.

I always tell others what a wonderful experience it is.

I am well aware that my last delivery could have gone badly for me, had I not been reading Janet’s book and consequently knew all I needed to take control and move the birth process through safety and easily.

My daughter, Temujen, was born on Dartmoor in December 1988, the farmer’s wife did not believe we wanted a Home Birth on Dartmoor in the middle of winter, where fog might prevent me getting out or help reaching me, she said there had been no
births in Widecombe for 14 years at that point.

My waters broke but contractions did not follow and my midwife said, “sorry love, but…” so I just got the contractions going myself. Thank you Janet. It was the loveliest birth I could have wished to experience.

I do hope my two pregnant daughters-in-law will enjoy reading the book, I have ordered copies, for both of them, from my local bookshop!

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