Our wonderful son was born in July and we’re very happy with how everything went!

Labour/birth was such a positive experience. We had a natural pool birth in the High Barnet birth centre and Janet, you were in our minds with your wise words all the time. We’ve found everything you’ve taught us and the MP3s so helpful. We deeply thank you for it.

The experience was fantastic, I remained very calm and everything progressed nicely – in 12 hours we went from being 3cm dilated to having the baby in our arms in the pool. Labour didn’t stop at any time, it just continued its journey gently and beautifully, orchestrated by the hormones doing their job at each stage. I’ve found really useful the tens machine and the gas and air, which I used during most of the labour.

The breathing techniques were essential! My husband and I really enjoyed the different stages of it and everything we’ve learned with hypnobirthing and active birth, enabled us to be on the same page working as a team. Jill Miller was our doula and she was wonderful all the way throughout the pregnancy, during labour and postnatal this week.

Also, we had such a positive experience with our birth (and throughout pregnancy), thanks to what I learned about Active Birth, that I’d love to join the training for active birth professionals you and Jill have in November. I can’t wait to know more about what you both teach and to hopefully help, support and empower other women during their journey in the future.

Warmest wishes,



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Silvia attended Janet’s online Hypnobirthing For Active Birth course – this is run live via Zoom with a small group so there’s plenty of interaction and discussion. The online format means you now get a full day course as well as Hypnobirthing practice sessions, and this is proving to be extremely successful! Birth empowerment is more important than ever in these uncertain times, and we’re so happy to hear that the new digital programme is delivering such special results and experiences. .


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