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At 38 weeks pregnant, and with her baby in the breech position, Liz was determined that she was going to get him to turn so she could have a natural labour.

In my 37th week of pregnancy and my baby in the breech position, I had been to referred to UCLH for an ECV. The procedure was unsuccessful but I had asked at that appointment about alternative therapies and they were able to give me an acupuncture appointment the next day to prescribe moxi sticks. Moxi sticks are long compressed sticks of dried plant materials called “moxa” which are burned very near the surface of the skin to warm and invigorate the flow of Qi in the body and are thought to help turn breech babies in late pregnancy.

Having attended Janet’s classes at the Active Birth Centre, I knew about their wonderful therapy clinic and so, in addition to using the moxi sticks twice a day for 5-days, I also had acupuncture sessions with James and reflexology sessions with Sophia, as well as practicing the yoga and hypnotherapy that I’d learnt with Janet.

Five days later, I was going into my second ECV with my baby’s little bottom out of the pelvis and head looking down. So, having previously been pretty pessimistic, the doctor was able to turn him with a gentle(ish) push.

Two days later, I gave birth to our gorgeous baby boy. He was born at 39weeks +3 days and weighed 7lb 13oz. Labour was 12-hours from the first contraction to birth and I was only in the hospital for 3-hours before he arrived. He was born in the birthing pool with a little gas and air and plenty of deep breathing and we were able to go straight to skin-on-skin.

It was exactly the start in life I was hoping for him, and I will be eternally grateful to the team at the Active Birth Centre for all for their brilliant help and advice!

Liz attended yoga and hypnobirthing classes with Janet, acupuncture with James Mutkin and reflexology with Sophia Smith.
If you are in late pregnancy and your baby is breech, you may also be interested to read Janet’s blog on Encouraging Your Breech Baby to Turn which includes advice and exercises.




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