Hypnobirthing for Active Birth Online Course with Janet Balaskas

Discover the power and joy of HypnoBirthing!

During the pandemic we discovered, how effective and beneficial to learn Hypnobirthing online, in your own home, with the guidance and experience of a gifted teacher. Janet is renowned for her unique way of teaching Hypnobirthing, applied to the wisdom of Active Birth and has a deep understanding of every aspect of birth. She can help you not only to have a much better chance of a natural birth, but also to apply hypnobirthing whatever your circumstances to remain calm and relaxed, make wise choices and have a positive outcome.

Sunday 7th Nov 2021 Introductory Session  10.30 am – 3.00 pm
Plus four evening Practice  Sessions:
Tuesday  9th Nov 7.00-8.30pm
Tuesday 16th Nov 7.00-8.30pm
Tuesday  23rd Nov 7.00-8.30pm
Tuesday 30th Nov 7.00-8.30pm
Cost £175 per 1 person /£195 couple (includes materials see below)
Book online
The cost of all courses above includes a manual sent to you in the post, 5 dowloadable  relaxation MP3’s, as well as access to the Wise Hippo Hub. There is also a handout pack included with your booking confirmation email as an attachment.

Online Private Sessions with Janet

These can be arranged in the months where there is no course, or if the dates don’t work for you. HypnoBirthing should be learned in the last three months of your pregnancy – ideally with time to practise before your due date.

Cost (Online couple or single):

£220 for a two hour private session plus £30 for the materials

£300 for a 3 hour session plus £30 for the materials

£400 for a 4 hour session plus £30 for the materials

Enquiries: email jb@activebirthcentre.com

Transform pain into pleasure and anxiety into confidence! Home is the ideal place to learn Hypnobirthing. This sets the scene, for when your labour starts for real. Janet will guide you so that your subconscious mind and body memory are prepared simultaneously for the natural change of consciousness that occurs during labour.

How the course is structured

This course will start with a Sunday 4 hour online session –  Introduction to Hypnobirthing

This will be followed by four  Online HypnoBirthing Practice Sessions. These are inclusive in the cost of the course.

The four HypnoBirthing Practise Sessions are held on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 – 8.30pm.

What you need

Please set up your room as you would in early labour – with mat or mats on the floor plenty of cushions or pillows, an inflated birth ball (65cms), a nearby wall surface you can lean on. A sofa, dining or kitchen chair and counter tops will provide plenty of support. Arrange the mats so they are visible on your screen and parallel to your device.

About Janet

Janet’s approach to Hypnobirthing is unique and includes her experience over four  decades as an internationally renowned antenatal teacher and the founder of Active Birth and Pregnancy Yoga in the 1980’s. Her wisdom, experience and knowledge is woven into her teaching of Hypnobirthing as she guides you to deepen into the profound relaxation  that is so useful as you prepare for an easier, calmer and more relaxed birth.

Janet trained with Marie Mongan the founder of Hypnobirthing, and now uses the Wise Hippo materials as they are designed to be compatible with Active Birth. Her approach however, is her own and her live presence as the teacher, adds a special dimension to the work you will do together in these classes.

Course Materials

If you live in the UK, you will be sent a Wise Hippo manual in the post, which, if time allows, you are recommended to read before the course begins.  The manual includes a link to five downloadable MP3’s with the guided relaxations, visualisations and affirmations you will encounter on the course and which you will be able to keep practicing afterwards in the run up to the birth of your baby. You will also be signed up to the Wise Hippo Hub which has a wealth of videos and resources you can access.

Participants joining from outside the UK
You will be sent access to a flip book version of the manual that can be read online and access to the MP3’s

All participants will receive Janet’s Handout Pack with your booking confirmation.




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