Kentish Town Pregnancy Yoga

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Kentish Town Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

We offer regular sessions of Pregnancy Yoga near Kentish Town at the Active Birth Centre.

Book a class! To check our schedule and prices, follow the links below, or find a class on our calendar.

Learn at the Birth Place of Pregnancy Yoga

The Active Birth Centre is the place where Pregnancy Yoga was first invented. If you are looking for Kentish Town Pregnancy Yoga, we are just a short hop away!

Janet Balaskas pioneered Pregnancy Yoga as a ‘body-centred’ way to prepare for an Active Birth in the late 1970’s.

Pregnancy YogaToday we are seeing an explosion in the popularity of Pregnancy Yoga across the world.

Our teachers at the Active Birth Centre are inspired by the gentle approach to Yoga of Vanda Scaravelli and Sandra Sabatini which allows the body to soften, release, lengthen and find its roots with the earth through breathing.

In pregnancy this enhances the natural blossoming of motherhood and makes space for the growing baby.

Why do Pregnancy Yoga at the Active Birth Centre?

Pregnancy YogaBody learning: As you become relaxed, stronger and more flexible in the meditative state of yoga, your body will be learning, preparing for labour and birth. You will be able to instinctively draw on the techniques you have learned when you are in labour.

The calming and relaxing benefits of Yoga take you to the deep well of stillness, where you can connect with the instinctual knowing that will guide you through birth.

Over the weeks this has a transformative effect, reducing fear and anxiety, making you calmer and more comfortable. You will be able to take yourself into a deep state of relaxation at any time you need to, through the art of breathing.  This is not only a wonderful way to prepare for birth and mothering, it is also a life changing skill.

Our classes are safe and approved by midwives and doctors. We are experts in our field and can accommodate your specific needs and issues.

Discovering the Active Birth Centre has been a true blessing. I find the yoga classes amazingly inspirational, giving me confidence and motivation and helping me to tune into the power of being a woman.

About our Space and Teachers

Pregnancy Yoga Classes at the Active Birth Centre are held in light, spacious and comfortable room with all the props you could need and are taught by Janet Balaskas and Lynn Murphy. Their classes are infused with their passion, wisdom and gentleness, offering expert Yoga guidance rooted in the philosophy of Active Birth.

Regular weekly attendance is recommended and you can start any time after 13 weeks. Classes include time for refreshments and a chat, and women who have been to the classes in pregnancy come back with their new babies to share their experiences with other women over a cup of tea. When we are away, our locum teachers have a similar approach, training and experience.

Pregnancy Yoga