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“Reflexology resets the balance,” says Sophia Smith, the Active Birth Centre’s resident reflexologist, “And it’s also an incredible way to bond with your unborn baby. It’s a very earthy, strength-giving technique that helps with grounding and preparing for giving birth. It relaxes mum and baby, and it’s comfortable and cosy.”


Sophia works with patients from all walks of life, but her Active Birth Centre clients are some of her biggest fans, thanks to her celebrated work with clients at all stages – preconception, pregnancy, and postnatal.


maternity reflexologyHow It Works

Reflexology involves specific rhythmical massage strokes and pressure, sensitively applied with the practitioner’s hands to the client’s feet, according to the mirror reflection of all body anatomy and systems onto the feet – including a mirror of the pregnancy itself.

This releases the body’s natural endorphins and oxytocin – the feel-good ingredients. These are good for everyone, but they’re particularly important for pregnant mums and babies. The treatment creates deep relaxation for the mother, and babies feel and respond to those endorphins. It’s a unique bonding experience – physiologically and emotionally.


Endorphins and Adrenaline

“We live such busy lives these days and that creates adrenaline, which affects our hormones – even if we aren’t pregnant,” Sophia explains. “Reflexology encourages the body to go back to the blueprint of how it should work, calmly and peacefully.”

Treatments can make a big difference to a pregnancy – from helping to relieve tiredness and discomfort in the early stages through to preparing for the birth during the final trimester. It has even been known to encourage breech babies to turn!

“That first week of maternity leave is a good example of when reflexology can help with relaxation – suddenly having a million things to do and adjusting to not being at work. It’s stressful, and there’s likely to be a lot of extra adrenaline.”

Unlike sedatives or other “calming” methods that can cause more tiredness, reflexology enlivens. It helps you to feel more in touch with yourself, and with your baby.


“The lady who makes women pregnant”

Sophia has been given this interesting nickname by clients who struggled to fall pregnant (through IVF or otherwise), but joyfully discovered they were pregnant after a few of Sophia’s reflexology sessions! There’s no guarantee, and often lifestyle changes such as diet are also important, but we think the recommendations speak for themselves.

Postnatal Care

Reflexology harmonises hormones, and it has also been known to help with recovery from C-section, postnatal stress, and other trauma. It also supports breastfeeding, and helps with stress relief and sleep, which many new parents greatly appreciate!


Above all, reflexology is profoundly relaxing, and Sophia creates a beautiful, safe space in which her clients find restoration, balance, and a trusted friend.

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