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This workshop will be held on Zoom

Could you save your baby’s life?

This essential workshop in First Aid for babies will ensure that you know how to resuscitate a baby or young child in the event of an emergency. It is very rare for babies to need emergency first aid yet, when a child chokes or has trouble breathing, effective resuscitation can save a life and prevent brain damage. It is surprising how few parents, baby sitters, grandparents and child minders have been taught how to deal with such a situation, yet just one day could make the difference to a life, and a family’s future.

Knowing emergency care for babies

We recommend that you join to this workshop in late pregnancy before the birth of your baby if possible. However, many people come after their baby is born, sometimes with their own parents. What is most important is that you acquire and remember these lifesaving skills. We were inspired to create this workshop when we heard about a couple who saved their baby’s life with resuscitation skills they had learnt  in the past. It occurred to us that every parent should know this even though it may never be needed.

Even if you forget what you learn in this workshop – you would find that it is exactly in line with what the emergency services tell you to do when you ring them, and having done the workshop, it will all come back to you exactly when you need it most. You will be given an opportunity to practice during the workshop.

It’s all very well buying a baby monitor, but more importantly you need to know how to remain calm and react effectively in the unlikely event that there is ever a problem, when your child is a baby and also later on.

The class is taught by Bernadette Rae who is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and qualified as a first aider through St John Ambulance. Bernadette has been teaching at the Active Birth Centre for over ten years and also works in a North London GP practice.

Useful Information

 Whilst it is entirely up to you, because of the sensitive nature of the topic at what is usually a highly emotional time for women, we do suggest you avoid attending this workshop in the last two or three weeks of pregnancy or within the first month after giving birth. At Bernadette’s request her fee for teaching this workshop is donated to the charity Childline.

 When and How Much?

This workshop will be held on Zoom

At Bernadette’s request her fee for teaching this workshop is donated to the charity Childline.

Cost: £35 per person/£70 per couple

Booking Details:

 The next workshops is on:

Sunday 14 June, 2020 from 11.00 – 1.00pm BOOK ONLINE

This will be the only workshop for the foreseeable future.

This was an excellent class, expertly taught by someone who obviously knew exactly what she was doing. I feel much more confident now about what to do in an emergency.

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