Baby Massage at The Active Birth Centre

Why Learn Baby Massage?

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In the first months of life your baby will receive a great deal of what he needs from your loving touch.

Touch may be the gentlest caress, through to a full body massage. As humans, we thrive on touch: when we touch another we are touched ourselves.

Baby Massage has been used across cultures to improve wellbeing, promote development and encourage bonding.


You can use massage to help your baby to arrive in her body. She will feel more at ease in herself and more connected, through you, to the world. Your confidence in one another will blossom.

At the Active Birth Centre Lynn offers

  • New Baby & Me’, a four-week postnatal course focusing on introducing you and your baby to massage and also postnatal yoga for you with and around your young baby, plus much more.
  • Tuesday morning Baby Massage Classes to follow on with.
  • ‘The Art of Baby Massage’, a two hour workshop for mums and dads or your NCT group, in their your own home or at the active birth centre by arrangement.IMG_4875_2-fixed

Baby Massage Classes at The Active Birth Centre help: 

  • Baby to discover better, deeper relaxation & sleep
  • Build your connection to your baby in early months
  • Enhance your baby’s sense of security and being loved
  • Better understand your baby’s cues
  • Introduce you to the value of ‘tummy time’ for baby
  • Relieve common issues like colic, constipation and wind
  • Improve growth, weight gain and muscle tone
  • Build your confidence in handling your baby

Postnatal Support:

Baby massage classes are great opportunity to meet up with others and grow in confidence in parenting your baby. There will also be time for tea and sharing your experiences with other parents.

You will be amazed by the magic that takes place during these classes and how much babies love them!

Private Sessions: From the 18 years of working with new mums & babies Lynn has gained an enormous amount of experience and developed her expertise in this area, she offers home visits  to introduce baby massage in the early weeks after birth, these sessions are tailored to your particular issues so may well include discussion re the birth, life with your new baby and the challenges you may be facing. The session may include yoga & breath work as well as discussion and massage therapy for your baby. You can also organise a workshop for your NCT group in your own home or at the active birth centre. Call or email Lynn to discuss any of these options.  Email: lm@activebirthcentre.com  Call: 020 72817059

We would highly recommend Lynn’s one-to-one baby massage lessons, which have enabled us to learn this invaluable skill with our newborn baby in the familiar surroundings of our home, without a disruptive journey at this early stage, allowing her to benefit from baby massage as soon as possible after a challenging birth. The one-to-one format allows the session to be tailored to the baby and family’s individual needs and gives scope for specific issues to be addressed in depth if necessary. Our daughter loved her massage and we really enjoyed learning this lovely skill that we can share with her as a family. Lynn’s clear, gentle instruction and wealth of knowledge about all aspects of baby care provided a much needed confidence boost for us as parents and a tool that we can now use daily to benefit our baby. – Amy & Andrew

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