Couples Yoga for Active Birth

Course Details:

Couples Pregnancy Yoga

  • Held on Thursday evenings  at the Active Birth Centre  (find us)
  • Next Class: See the list below  or Check our calendar
  • £40 per person/£80 per couple

Taught by Janet Balaskas and experienced doula and yoga teacher Lola Alcarez Perez. This is a mini ‘Active Birth Workshop’ where you can work together as a couple.  Learn relaxation and the Active Birth essentials for labour and birth. Taught by Janet and experienced doula and yoga teacher Lola, this class is a wonderful shared experience that will connect you with each other and your baby more deeply.

2020 Dates

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Thursdays 7.00 – 9.30pm at the Active Birth Centre. 

Book by Email: alice@activebirthcentre.com

Active Birth Pregnancy Yoga, with Your Partner


Combining essential Pregnancy Yoga practice with Active Birth preparation:

  • A chance for you and your partner to work together as you might in labour.
  • Be guided in the gentle practice of yoga postures that are most beneficial during pregnancy, with an emphasis on working in pairs
  • Learn relaxation, breathing and massage for pregnancy, and for use in labour
  • Learn movements and positions for labour and birth 
  • Enjoy a bonding meditation with your baby

Working together helps to deepen the bond and understanding between you and your partner

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  • You will find that your partner’s touch naturally deepens your breathing, helps you to release tension, and let go
  • In the class, and practicing at home, you will be amazed at how the language of touch develops between you

There is no need for partners to have had previous experience of yoga, so long as you are comfortable sitting or kneeling on the floor.

Please note: Most classes will be taught by Janet and Lola together. On occasions when one of them cannot be there, the other will teach the class.


Thank you for a great session. It is such a great way of introducing partners to yoga during pregnancy and birth. I have even been receiving spontaneous massages this weekend that I can only thank you for! it has helped my partner to start thinking about the actual birth and that he has a major role to play in it.

Your yoga for partners was really bonding for us. It literally brought us ‘in touch’ and made us more loving partners and more relaxed parents.

Having seen my partner come home each week so relaxed after yoga it was great to be included. Your classes were an inseparable part of our life changing experience – a big thank you for all that you are!

Your partner yoga sessions were invaluable in helping us to know what to expect and bringing the three of us closer together.  Both my partner and I were able to stay calm … the moment we saw our baby’s face swimming up from beneath the water was probably the highest point of our lives so far and one that I will never forget!

couples pregnancy yoga

An evening well spent – follow it with our signature course for your complete birth preparation:

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You can also book Private Sessions with Janet. Please click here for further information and to book online.