Postnatal Retreat

For Your Early Postnatal Nourishment

Lynn is delighted to offer this wonderful

Baby & You Family Retreat

Nurture, Nourish & Renew

 Autumn 2020 Ibiza

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A unique opportunity for you and your baby to rest, restore and rejuvenate in luxurious surroundings in the heart of Ibiza.

Through a combination of yoga, workshops, treatments, 1-2-1 sessions and delicious locally-sourced food, this bespoke retreat is your chance to take time out to nourish both your body and soul in a friendly, supportive and non-judgemental space.

Together we will help you heal and re-energise, giving you the much-needed time and space to reconnect with yourself, restore your confidence and bond with your baby, away from all the distractions of daily life. This is your time.

Lynn Murphy is a renowned pre & post natal yoga and baby massage teacher & trainer with particular expertise in supporting women’s transition into Motherhood. Lynn has 30 years of yoga experience, after the birth of her two children(now adults) she trained at the Centre with Janet specialising in the pre and postnatal period as an Active Birth Yoga Teacher.

Lynn devised our wonderfully supportive postnatal programme at the Active Birth Centre. Her style of yoga teaching is Scaravelli inspired; she focuses on the deep intelligence of the body that helps access movement that resonates from our core, allowing us to undo years of held patterns.

Lynn has trained, tutored and taught many women over the last decades. She will support your journey into parenthood which for many of us is not without its challenges but has the ability to be truly transformational!.

Sanita Ellis is mother to three children. She brings love, peace and light to all her work  as a holistic massage therapist and draws on the tradition of strong, spiritual, nurturing women who guided her through her own pregnancies and births. She uses various healing techniques to assist women in their journeys through life and is deeply passionate about nurtured beginnings and empowering parents through pregnancy, birth and in the early days.

Sanita will be available for highly beneficial and nurturing healing ceremonies and warming experiences which help you body and mind to celebrate the changes of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood as well as welcome your new identity and find peace in the transition.

I want to congratulate you on your selection of partners for the retreat. As a fitness veteran – I have worked with lots and lots personal trainers, instructors and therapists. I was frankly blown away by the talent, brilliance & generosity of both Lynn & Sanita.

Lynn had clearly spent a lot of time, energy & consideration pre-planning our yoga sessions – alongside her amazing experience. There was absolutely nothing generic about her approach. I was grateful for our conversation in advance and her honesty in asking me if I was open to learning. I have tried both yoga & pilates in the past and found both rather unfulfilling. I am a convert, although I fear I have been spoilt by your choice of teacher. Outside the studio her generosity & attention to all of us, and the babies continued – she was always there with a soothing, nourishing word or to provide the little ones with a cuddle, flexible and attentive to the adults and babies needs. – Charlotte

For more information about upcoming Ibiza Retreat lynnmurphyyoga.com