Pregnancy Yoga Posture of the Month: Relaxation

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Our pregnancy yoga pose of the month is simply, Relaxation! It is crucial for a safe and comfortable yoga practice and, when connected with breathing techniques, can be a wonderful support during labour.

Relaxation is the most important of all yoga practice. It is key before or after you practice for all your yoga postures. If you are less than 30 weeks pregnant, you can lie on your back with a support under your knees.

After that choose a side to lie, preferably on the left. Either way – make sure you are completely comfortable. Breathe in your natural rhythm and use your exhalations to surrender your body’s weight to the ground.

Inhale slowly and keep your attention on the breath. Relax your arms and legs and then breathe a wave of relaxation through your whole body – head to feet.

Try to do this at least once every day!

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