Yoga Pose no.8: Standing Dog Pose

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If you don’t fancy the head down dog – or if you are in late pregnancy (after 30 weeks) when I don’t recommend inverted postures – you can try this Standing Dog Pose as an effective alternative.


First, do the arms up stretch on the wall to release your shoulders and upper back, with feet parallel and arms as high up as comfortable. It’s a strong stretch so take it easy by bending and straightening your knees as needed.

Then move on to the leg stretch – clasping your hands and placing forearms and elbows on the wall. Alternate the stretching leg two or three times. This will help if you are getting leg cramps and can be done every day for best effect.

I love this sequence as its very invigorating – especially first thing in the morning.


1. Start by standing with feel parallel – hip-width apart, at arm’s length from the wall. Then drop your arms.


2. Softly extend your arms up above your head.


3. Bring your hands into the wall, keeping your pelvis above your feet.


4. Like this… hand up high, a bit wider apart than your shoulders, elbows straight.
Drop between your shoulders and bend your knees.
Play with the knees bending and straightening as you ease into the shoulders gently – keep breathing!


5. Then keep your elbows and forearms against the wall, clasp your hands together, and alternate legs for a few more stretches.


6. Bend the knees to come up and finish by stretching out the legs, one at a time. Then come up to standing and roll your shoulders a few times.




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