Reviews and Testimonials

The first participants for our online training in January 2021 were a mix of midwives, doulas, birth educators snd other birth professionals.

They joined from the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Spain and Brazil! Here is what they said about the course:

“How encouraging to learn from you, the author of the book that with one chapter changed my entire birth experience.”

“I think the course was perfect – in format, flow, experiential learning /theory balance.

Visual aids were excellent and the use of specially designed posters.”

“The course has been extremely useful as I am not a birth professional.  The training  and subsequently certification will allow me to share invaluable information with women in my area.”

“The most powerful training course I have ever undertaken as a midwife. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your passion, expertise and sheer commitment to women, their birthing partners and birth professionals.”

“I really enjoyed connecting with other attendees from around the globe, all with different level of experience, all from different backgrounds but each making a valuable contribution to the class and interactive work.”

“I was so incredibly inspired by the expertise of all instructors not only in their outstanding knowledge of the physiology of childbirth but also by their exceptional ability to teach and genuinely empower those present in the virtual classroom and in their respective teaching practices.As a midwife I learnt about elements of physiology and biomechanisms of birth that I was unfamiliar with but also as an antenatal educator this course has 100% made me reflect on how and what I teach and facilitate through my own classes. It has given me the tools to teach this incredibly powerful material in a structured Active Birth class in so many formats which will be so helpful for parents to be.”

“I found the sessions on relaxation and breathing techniques extremely helpful also together with the work on the 3rd stage of birthing and the Golden Hour.”

“The idea that women are capable and made for this is such an amazing message and one I know needs to be shared. I also really enjoyed the relaxation at the end of the day.  It was so soothing and really helped with a human connection despite being on zoom.”

“I think the idea that women don’t need a million facts just the basics is something I will definitely use in my teaching.  The experiential teaching is much like the saying, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  I think the idea of helping women and their birth partners to feel the class was great advice “

“I have so enjoyed learning from you, Jill, and Lola.  I appreciate you taking the time with each of us and your confidence that our passion will help us on this teaching journey.  I am so incredibly blessed that the class was available on zoom and I could participate.”

“I really want to thank you, Jill and Lola for the training. I am enjoying it so much already and despite us not being able to be in the same space, I feel that I have you all in my living room. Also, it is such a lovely group of women and the beauty of technology is that we can be based in so many different places and that makes it very special.”

“I am so grateful for attending the course and I have it with me every day. It was so inspiring! I talk about some of it to all pregnant women I meet in the office every day. “

“Thank you so much for having us be part of your first Active Birth Zoom Teacher Training. I truly feel so grateful to have had this opportunity with you, Jill and Lola.”

“I can encourage more mamas and birthing people to deeply trust themselves, just as you have guided us. I will never forget this past month. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your hard work and your kindness. “

“A sincere thank you to all, I find it hard to express how

helpful I am finding the course and working with you all – I have rarely

come across such talented and inspiring teachers and facilitators and it

has been such an immense pleasure and stimulating experience being in the

classroom, all be it virtual, with you all.

“My only regret is that every midwife in the world does not have this

incredible opportunity to work with you and add this highly valuable

training to their portfolio of support and practice. I will be sure to fly

the flag going forward.

“This course has been an exceptional help to my professional development and to how I will support women during pregnancy going forward. It is such a clear, comprehensive and structured approach to childbirth education and the philosophy of Active Birth is an essential ingredient to our toolkit if as midwives we are to truly s support women in labour and in optimising physiology.”

“I feel so incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you all and undertake this essential training – for it is exactly that if we are to protect normality and optimise physiological birth !! A Must for a birth workers, women and their birthing partners alike!”

“This course has given me an excellent, first class understanding of birth physiology and an amazing set of tools as a teacher.”

“The intimate group size was great  – I lost all my fear of speaking in a group through the teaching practise – a great way to learn to teach. the trianers are true experts and very wise experienced women.”