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This is a birth educator training unlike any other – offering you unique practical skills to help awaken the instincts for birthing that all women have. It is primarily about birthing with the body and learning how to empower parents to trust in their innate ability to do this though experiential group work.

Included in this is a convincing, research based and eye-opening way of teaching the birth process.  As parents learn about the wonderful physiology of birth, you will see fear and anxiety turn to confidence. You will discover new ways  of demonstrating the baby’s journey through the bones of the pelvis and the involuntary functions of the uterus. Learn about cutting edge topics such as the hormonal and microbial physiology and the value of the placental transfusion and how these can be taught to parents in simple, engaging ways.

Isn’t the human body marvellous! Now I know how it works and how I can support my partner I’m really looking forward to being there. I can’t wait to be a father and to see my baby! 

The agenda for the 4 study days is outlined below. We reserve the right to change this as needed according to the dynamic of the group.


Day 1

How to teach:

  • Ways people learn
  • An overview of the phases the of birth process
  • The anatomy of the female pelvis
  • The baby’s journey through the pelvis
  • The comparative benefits of an Active Birth
  • Teaching practise of the above
  • Relaxation and breathing

Day 2

How to teach:

  • Birth as a hormonal process – understanding the main hormone systems and how to simplify when teaching couples.
  • The physiology of the uterus – its structure and actions. What stimulates and helps and what hinders these actions.
  • How labour starts
  • Teaching practise of the above
  • Relaxation and breathing

Day 3

How to teach:

  • Formative and experiential learning with the body – labour
  • Experiencing labour positions and movements with breathing and touch
  • The role of the partner and other labour supporters
  • The nature and journey of labour
  • Meeting, releasing and transcending pain
  • Transitioning to birth
  • Teaching practise of the above
  • Relaxation and breathing

Day 4

How to teach:

  • Formative and experiential learning with the body – birth
  • Role play birthing positions on land and in water.
  • The role of the mother, the uterus, the baby, the midwife and the partner during birth
  • The first hour after birth
  • Options for birthing the placenta
  • Options for cutting the cord


  • Teaching practise of the above
  • Templates and notes
  • Steps to Certification as an Active Birth Teacher



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Please note: Due to the uncertainty of the times, we reserve the right to alter the content or cancel the course. In the unlikely eventuality of a cancellation of the course on our part, full refunds will apply.




We are proud that this training programme has been accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).


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