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Jan/Feb 2023 

Sundays  29th Jan, 5th Feb, 12th Feb, 19th Feb

 Timings Sundays 10.00am – 16.15pm


The most powerful training course I have ever undertaken as a midwife.

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How to Apply and Book

The phrase ‘Active Birth’ was coined by Janet Balaskas in the 1980’s and is now a generic term that is recognised worldwide; it underlies all effective methods of birth preparation and is intrinsic to all physiological births. Our training is revised and updated every year to include the latest cutting edge discoveries about birth physiology that every birth professional should know.

Active Birth calls for women to take an ‘active’ rather than a ‘passive’ role in their birth experience. This has a transformative effect, not only for them and their babies, but also for maternity practice: it supports and affirms best midwifery practice and prenatal education. Our training is an effective agent for change and for ‘normalising’ birth in maternity units.


Despite conclusive evidence of the benefits of Active Birth, most women are still labouring and giving birth on their backs and intervention rates continue to soar all over the developed world. If this is true in your locality or workplace, then pregnant women, their partners and the midwives attending them need to learn about Active Birth.

If you are an antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing practitioner, pregnancy yoga teacher or work with pregnant women, what you learn here will inspire you and enhance your skills. It is a fundamental part of any style of birth education or birth-preparation including hospital classes, NCT Courses, HypnoBirthing Courses, Prenatal Yoga and Pilates.

If you are a midwife, doula or student, this course will help you to prepare couples for birth and deepen your understanding of how to facilitate physiological birthing in the labour room. You will learn to enable instinctual behaviour and avoid disturbing the finely tuned physiology of the birth process.

Experienced mothers who want to teach Active Birth may also apply.


The 2023 course will be taught via zoom live streaming by Janet Balaskas and the two course tutors Jill Benjoya Miller and Lola Alcaraz-Perez.  The training will including everything you see in the photos taken during the last live course with the same wonderful teaching team. 

Having pioneered this training in the 1980’s, Janet Balaskas has trained hundreds of birth educators, midwives, doulas and other birth professionals. Our current teaching team have worked together for many years as the training has evolved with the times. We are now excited to explore the medium of live streaming to pass on our expertise,

You will be learning to teach Active Birth to one person, a couple or a group. This will  give them an overview and understanding of the physiology of the birth process, the rationale of an Active Birth, as well as the opportunity to learn experientially about upright positions for labour and birth and why they are so beneficial. This will include what women can experience and expect in a physiological birth, breathing, movement, touch and other essential topics.

This training does not include teaching about medical interventions in birth – however there may be references to ways in which elements of an Active Birth can also be applied when interventions are necessary and managing expectations when plans have to change.

Please note: Due to the uncertainty of the times, we reserve the right to alter the content or cancel the course. In the unlikely eventuality of a cancellation of the course on our part, full refunds will apply. You will learn how to quickly and effectively communicate the essential philosophy and practical ‘know how’ of Active Birth in the form of a live workshop for parents-to-be. This is an excellent complement to other birth preparation courses and also stands alone as a truly empowering course for couples, in which they often find the key to a natural birth and all the benefits it brings to them and their baby.


Janet Balaskas
Janet Balaskas is the founder of Active Birth. Her innovative ideas have inspired parents and birth professionals worldwide. Obstetricians and midwives have a high regard for her work, and many have adopted her methods.
She began her work as a pioneering birth educator and author in the late 1970’s and founded the Active Birth Movement in the 1980’s and published the Active Birth Manifesto. To this day Janet is a leading voice in the global campaign to transform birthing practices. The core work she does with parents and professionals, is now available online through live streaming.

Janet’s has written many ground-breaking books and has recently published a new film – She is the mother of four grown up children and one stepdaughter and has six grandchildren.

Jill Benjoya Miller

When I was pregnant with my first child 27 years ago, I was incredibly fortunate to come into Active Birth Yoga classes taught by Janet Balaskas and Lolly Stirk at the Birth Unit where I was having my baby. Without having consciously planned it, I learned so much about birth and about myself and how I wanted to enter motherhood. After my son was born, I felt a visceral sense of not wanting to leave birth behind. I trained as an Active Birth teacher during my first two years of motherhood, and also began supporting other women in birth to expand my learning. In that short intense time, I became a mother, an Active Birth Teacher and a doula. This felt like a calling, and has given me endless opportunity to continue learning and to connect with people in an authentic and most special way. For 25 years, while raising my three children, I have taught pregnancy and postnatal yoga classes, Active Birth preparation, and professional training courses with Janet and many others. Most of my work now focuses on supporting pregnant women and new mothers who face multiple disadvantage and significant vulnerability. I have worked with Birth Companions, and currently co-lead the perinatal programme at Happy Baby Community charity.

Lola Alcaraz-Perez

Lola is a Childbirth Educator, Active Birth and YogaBirth teacher and a Doula. She trained with Janet Balaskas 25 years ago and has since been teaching yoga for pregnancy and active birth in different settings in the community. She has been around birthing women for over 30 years and her experience tells her that every woman has the potential to birth her baby with her own natural hormones. As a doula, she has attended many home births and has supported women in birth Centres and labour wards.

She has worked along the years with Janet Balaskas and Jill Miller assisting them with the Active Birth Teacher Training Course. Lola is also a Co-Director, Teacher and Mentor at the RCM accredited YogaBirth Teacher Training Course in London.She is a mentor Doula for a birth project run by Happy Baby, a charity working with immigrant mothers in London and has been a volunteer for nearly 20 years with Birth Companions, a charity supporting women in prison and vulnerable women in the community during pregnancy and birth. Lola  teaches Pregnancy Yoga in Enfield, North London, where she lives.

I heard about Janet’s training as I researched my options to become a childbirth educator in the U.K. I found several training organisations but none that I believed in as much as the Active Birth approach which I feel really fits with my philosophy around birth already. I asked some Facebook groups for advice and got lots of positive feedback from previous trainees. My choice was made!



We are proud that this training programme has been accredited by  the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).