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After the huge success of our first online training we are pleased to announce

the next course in Sept/Oct 2021 

Sun 26th Sept, Sun 3rd Oct, Sun 10th Oct, Thurs pm 14th Oct, Sun 17th Oct

 Timings Sundays 10.00am – 16.15pm

Thursday 7.00pm – 9.00pm  

The most powerful training course I have ever undertaken as a midwife.

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How to Apply & Book


The 2021 courses will be taught online via zoom live streaming due to the circumstances of Covid 19. We will be including everything you see in the photos taken during the last live course.

We will be preparing you to teach a face-to-face Active Birth Workshop to pregnant women and their partners whether solo, as a couple or in a group. This will be designed to give them an overview and understanding of the physiology of the birth process, the rationale of an Active Birth, as well as the opportunity to learn experientially about upright positions for labour and birth and why they are so beneficial. This will include what women can experience and expect in a physiological birth, breathing, movement, touch and other essential topics.

This training does not include teaching about medical interventions in birth – however there may be references to ways in which elements of an Active Birth can also be applied when interventions are necessary and managing expectations when plans have to change.

The course content includes a complete overview of the physiology of the birth process and learning to teach this to parents in the format of a practical Active Birth Workshop. This can be taught as a one day workshop or in separate sessions. Between sessions you will be planning content of your workshops with our guidance so that you have a template to work from, by the end of the training.

It is also possible to use what you learn to fit into an existing programme of antenatal classes, to be taught as individual sessions or as a CPD for midwives and doulas to update yourself and to convey this information to parents before or during the birth.

You will be learning to work with couples or women attending solo. Partners usually find this workshop very interesting and  inspiring. Learning about the physiology can be an eye-opener for them, and they often comment that it was most effective preparation they did.


On each full day of the course, during the morning sessions we teach you the topics you will be learning to teach yourself.

The afternoons and Thursday evening session will be all about supervised teaching practise where you will be divided into small tutor groups and have a chance to experiment with teaching the material to each other, with the guidance of an experienced tutor.

If you wish to and are able to have a partner (ie a friend or relative) with you for the afternoon sessions, that will be helpful to you as you will have someone to ‘teach’ and demonstrate with. There is no additional charge for the partner.

We will be providing you with a template of the topics we want you to cover when you teach an Active Birth Workshop with suggestions as to how you can organise the material in different ways to suit your intentions, for example as a one-day workshop, or over two or more shorter sessions.


There will be mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks , a lunch break and also ‘as needed’ mini breaks through all of the days.


In between the four course days we will ask you to prepare succinct and brief teaching notes for your workshop of the topics covered, in bullet points on cards you can easily refer to while teaching. You will also be expected to practise the skills you have learnt as you prepare these notes. We anticipate that this may take up to one hour for 5 days, allowing 1 rest day. After the final day, we will ask you to submit these class plans to us as part of your assessment.


Before booking for this training you need to apply. Please complete an application form by clicking here. Your responses will automatically be emailed to us. We will respond and let you know if your application has been accepted. Please attach a recent photo of yourself for identification purposes. Email to  Any recent photo, clearly showing your face will do, with or without other people.

Email to

Once your application has been accepted it will be time to book and pay to confirm your place. We will advise you how to do this.


Janet Balaskas * Jill Benjoya Miller * Lola Alcarez-Perez * Lynn Murphy

We have taught this course as a team for many years, training hundreds of teachers,  midwives, doulas and other birth professionals. We are excited to explore the medium of live streaming to passing on our expertise, having become zoom experts in recent months. While not the same as a face-to-face training, we have discovered that there are many benefits to this way of teaching at professional level, not least that we can save you the expense of travel and accommodation.


We are proud that this training programme has been accredited by  the Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT).


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