Thai Yoga Massage

Thaiyogamassage.london – pregnancy massage from RAW CREATION on Vimeo.

Thai Yoga Massage is a unique form of clothed therapeutic massage that is given on a mat on the floor, combining acupressure, passive stretching, and applied yoga. The massage works along the Thai system of energy lines, called the Ten Sen. Blockages in this system can cause physical and emotional imbalances and pain in the body. The therapist works on this energy line system using acupressure, gentle stretching and passive yoga to help remove blockages, restore balance and to ultimately set the self-healing potential of the body free.

Thai Yoga Massage during Pregnancy and Postnatally
This massage is especially adapted for pregnant women and can be done from the third month of pregnancy up to the last month of pregnancy.  It is absolutely safe and done entirely with the mother lying on her side or leaning on a beanbag to ensure her comfort and the safety of the baby, while still allowing her to enjoy a thorough and complete treatment.

A typical Thai Yoga Massage takes two hours in order to give a full holistic treatment but can also be reduced to one and a half hours or an hour if need be. Men and women who are not pregnant can also book a massage with Mishka.

Mishka Adams first came to Thai Yoga Massage in 2009 when she met Kira Balaskas, head and founder of The School of Thai Yoga Massage. After a massage with Kira she never looked back, booking straight onto the school’s Practitioners Course and since then has been a practitioner alongside performing as a musician.
Since completing the TYM Advanced Practitioner’s Certificate Mishka especially enjoys working with pre and post-natal Thai Massage.

Contact Mishka:adams.mishka@gmail.com or call 07774 841405