Maternity Reflexology

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Maternity Reflexologist Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is a  reflexologist, spiritual healer and doula, practising Maternity and Fertility Reflexology. She works with ‘Mother Nature’, helping couples with preconception preparation and with support through pregnancy, during birth, and postnatally. Sophia’s work in pregnancy is attuned to the teachings of midwife Susanne Enzer. She has been described as a ‘midwife for the soul’, her treatments encompassing awareness of the incoming soul and presence of the baby.

About Sophia’s reflexology

Reflexology treatment involves massage strokes and gentle pressure on the feet, which reflect and influence the whole body’s anatomy.  It is used to harmonise hormones and balance physiological function and as such is highly suited to pregnancy and preparation for birth. Described as ‘nature’s tranquillizer’, it promotes production of  endorphins and natural oxytocin, the ‘love hormones’ that play a primary role in the birth process. Sessions are nurturing, comfortable and profoundly relaxing.

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How reflexology can help you

Sophia draws on her wide range of training and experience to deliver holistic and powerful treatments for  almost anything that may occur in pregnancy. These include preparation or ‘priming’ for labour from the estimated due date to encourage a timely start to labour, or to help  encourage a baby to turn from a breech position from 36 to 40 weeks.

Special support

Sophia’s own experience of preparing for birth  with Active Birth pregnancy yoga classes in 1990 was positive, although her baby stayed in the breech position and a last minute decision was made for birth by caesarean. She treasured the breastfeeding months as a time of healing and the experience widened her horizons, helping her to provide support after any interventive birth experience, and also to work with women who have experienced trauma, miscarriages and stillbirths.

Fertility assistance

Sophia also provides reflexology during IVF and other assisted fertility practices and has gained a reputation as ‘the woman who makes women pregnant’.

More about Sophia

In addition to her sessions at the Active Birth Centre, Sophia works locally to her home in Forest Row, East Sussex. She is French, of Polish extraction, and grew up in Brazil. She is committed to helping children come into the world in as safe and natural way as possible. Reflexology is compatible with all other therapies and treatments and is a wonderful complement to the Active Birth Centre classes and workshops.

Contact Sophia Smith (BSc, MAR, NFSH) :
Email: sophia@sophiasmiththerapies.co.uk

Call: +44 (0)7951 305 897