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Janet spoke at the Nascer Positivo conference held in Porto, Portugal on 8-9 March.

Her presentation ‘Ancient and New Birthing Wisdom’ focused on the history and principles of Active Birth and was well received by the audience, which included nurses, midwives, doctors, doulas and specialists in hospital and home birth.

This inspiring Positive Birth event was created to “shift paradigms in birth” in Portugal where highly interventionist births are common. 2018 was only its second year, but as it was completely sold out we have no doubt 2019 will be even better.




“It was an honour to be invited to speak at this special event,” says Janet. “Positive Birth is beautifully aligned with Active Birth and it was wonderful to be surrounded by so many professionals who share our commitment to empowering parents and midwives, to help them, by understanding Active Birth to create more positive birthing experiences.”



Watch the official conference video here…

You’ll feel the warmth and positive energy too!

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