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A beautiful sketch by Hau’s nephew of his brand new cousin!

I wanted to let you know that our daughter was born swiftly and safely, and I also want to say a huge thank you as the preparation I did in your yoga classes and Hypnobirthing for Active Birth course was invaluable.

My water broke naturally only one day before my due date, and my labour built up very fast for a first-time mother. I don’t think the hospital expected this, as I was sent back home 3 hours before giving birth! My water broke at 6:30am and by 3:10pm my daughter was in my arms.

Ladies, I think sometimes when women prepare for birth with pregnancy yoga, Active Birth and Hypnobirthing, midwives can misjudge how advanced the labour actually is, because you are able to keep calm for much longer!

Because I was sent back home, I think I was already at the last stage of labour on the bathroom floor at home and during the transfer to hospital. I tried calming the labour pains at home by going on all fours with water in the bath. During the car journey I used Clary Sage and Lavender oils, and I was on all fours and with the half kneeling position as well.

I remembered your all fours position but with head down to slow down intense labour, and this was so useful in the car as I had such a strong urge to push! When I arrived at the labour ward I was already fully dilated and within 20 minutes the baby arrived.

I remembered, from the Hypnobirthing for Active Birth course, that kneeling forward whilst leaning on the back of the bed was a good position. I asked the midwife if I could change  from lying on my back (I really felt I could not push in that position) to kneeling forward and at last pushing, and I think it really helped.

We had a really positive birth experience/after care at the hospital and birth centre. My midwife was impressed that I was rather calm despite how quickly everything happened – I was pushing baby down with breath and not screaming – exactly what I learnt in your class. It really works!

Thank you ever so much, this has been a wonderful, positive birth experience thanks to you and your team and yoga!

Love Haru

Thank you Haru for sharing your empowering birth story!

Haru attended Janet’s pregnancy yoga classes and the Hypnobirthing for Active Birth weekend – find out more here.

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