Active Birth Online Workshop with Janet Balaskas

“Thank you so much for a really wonderful online course. We both got so much out of it and feel very excited about the birth!”

The workshop will be brought to you live on zoom by Janet Balaskas the founder of Active Birth! Prepare your  living room and enjoy the workshop in the intimacy of your own home. To sign up/book online, click the link next to the date you select. You will be sent a confirmation email and that will be followed by  a link to access the workshop sent the day before.Be inspired by Janet’s unique experience and expertise as the founder and creator of Active Birth. This workshop will guide you on a practical journey through labour until the first hour or so after the birth of your baby. The focus will be on how you can work with your body, your breath, your baby and your natural instincts.

“A big thank you for a very informative and well-paced ‘zoom’ workshop on Sunday, it gave us a lot of confidence and practical tools for  the months ahead.”

“In just one day you taught us more than we learnt anywhere else – realistic, practical and enjoyable!”

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Active Birth Workshop


Sun, 20th Sep Book Online

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Sun, 21st Feb Book Online

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10.30am – 4.30pm


£95 per 1 person/ £135 per couple

A sliding scale is available if your finances are impacted by the pandemic.

To apply email

Join with a partner or on your own.

The cost includes downloadable handouts and a PDF of Janet’s Active Birth Manifesto

This workshop will guide you on a practical journey through labour until the first hour or so after the birth of your baby. The focus will be on how you can work with your body, your breath, your baby and your natural instincts. We will look at how women instinctually breathe, move, and change positions both on land and in water and how this may change and deepen as the birth progresses. You will learn the difference between various upright positions – how and why they may help you during labour, while giving birth and after.

The role of the partner will be explored throughout – how you can best support, touch, hold and be there for her. It is impossible to know ahead of time what your partner will want, whether this will involve a lot of active participation or not. So, the emphasis will be on how you can practice together during pregnancy, learn how she likes to be touched and develop the skills to respond to her at the time in the way that she needs. Developing this dialogue and communication ahead of time is the key to sharing the birth of your baby together and your first hours as parents, in a way you will always treasure and remember.


Be fully empowered for a wonderful
Active Birth!
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Can I attend the Active Birth Workshop on my own?
Yes certainly, you can attend on your own and it’s likely that there may be others doing the same, so you will not feel uncomfortable. 

Will this workshop be useful in addition to a Hypnobirthing /NCT course?
if you are attending a Hypnobirthing cours with Janet or elsewhere, or an NCT course the detail and focus of this Active Birth Workshop with Janet will be a valuable addition and very compatible.

How is the workshop structured?
We will be working through the physiology of the whole birth process in the sequence it unfolds with practical guidance, breathing, touch and visualisations of what happens in your body. 

We will follow the affirmations:
* My baby knows when to be born
* My baby fits my pelvis perfectly
* My body knows how to give birth
* My baby knows how to be born

* I follow my breathing
* My body is softening and opening
* My baby is moving down smoothly and easily

* I can do this
* I am enjoying this
* I breathe my baby down
* I soften all my muscles and relax
* I am ready to give birth to my baby
* I welcome my baby with love and joy

You can also book Private Online Sessions with Janet. Please click here for further information and to book online.



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