Postnatal Care at Home

With Independent Midwife, Regina Covington

Under NHS care, due to current constraints on the service,  you will only see a midwife 2-3 times in the first week, and it might be a different midwife each time. If you need additional assistance you’ll be expected to visit a local drop-in clinic and wait until someone is available to assist you. During the first few weeks when you just need to rest and recover from birth and get to know your baby the last thing you need to do is go out with your baby to a clinic and wait for a couple of hours for help.

As an Independent Midwife and Lactation Consultant, Regina is able to come to you in your home, and provide the clinical care offered by a NHS Community Midwife, including Newborn Blood Spot Screening, monitoring for jaundice, baby bath, weight checks for baby and support with starting to breastfeed and also now offering tongue tie divisions. For mum blood pressure checks if needed, removal of stiches, wound checks and monitoring recovery from birth.

Most people underestimate the value of postnatal care

Much emphasis is placed upon antenatal care and preparation for birth. But the support you receive after birth can make a big difference in your adjustment to parenthood.  It may be very reassuring to know that you have support in place, from someone who knows you and your baby and is professionally trained in the care of mothers and babies. The visits are not rushed, so there is time to talk through any problems, such as breastfeeding difficulties, or if you would like to talk over your experience of the birth, we can do that too.

Independent midwifery service for Birth

Regina works closely with, and has links to, many health professionals and if necessary will refer to the appropriate person. You may also ask Regina to be your midwife instead of or in addition to the midwifery care provided by your local NHS Trust.

Appointments are offered on a one off basis as needed or as a package for full postnatal care. You may also book appointments specifically for breastfeeding support.

About Regina Covington: a personal note

Hello, my name is Regina Covington and I am an independent midwife and an IBCLC lactation consultant. I worked in the NHS for five years. I was extremely lucky to be offered a job at St John and St Elizabeth’s and had four amazing years there until they closed the Birth Centre. I really enjoyed the way I’d worked at John and Lizzies, getting to know mums and having lots of time to help in the postnatal period. So I decided to work as an independent midwife. I am registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, however rather than work for the NHS I offer my services privately.

Recently I’ve become much more aware of the lack of postnatal care that women receive once they come home. I particularly enjoy the postnatal period, and so I am now offering a postnatal only package of care. I am always available on the other end of the phone for in between visits when reassurance is needed.

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