&Breathe Flow Retreat

For Your Early Postnatal Nourishment,

Discover &Breathe Flow with the renowned Lynn Murphy

Lynn is delighted to offer this wonderful retreat for your

newborn  family in collaboration with &Breathe Postnatal

13-19 May 2018 – £2100 per family One place Left!

30 Sept-6 Oct 2018 – £2100 per family

Price is per family: two adults and a baby upto 12 months or more.  Maximum six families per retreat. You can also attend without a partner.

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This Retreat Includes:

  • Two restorative rehabilitation classes of yoga and matwork per day for mums
  • A dedicated dads yoga and corework day midweek (rest day for mums)
  • One baby-focused session per day such as: baby yoga, baby massage
  • One massage per adult (more available)
  • Healing ceremonies available to warm, nourish and seal your new parent identity (bookable in advance)
  • One daytime session and one evening’s babysitting per family
  • All your food and drink
  • Accommodation and use of all estate facilitie
  • One-to-one consultations with your &Breathe host and Lynn Murphy
  • welcome goody bag with treats and exclusive discounts from &Breathe and our friends
  • transfers from Limoges are supplementary (car hire strongly recommended)

Travel to France is not included.  Our nearest airport is Limoges Bellegarde (35 minutes drive), then Brive Dordogne (60 minutes drive).  You can also drive or get the train from the UK.  Please see our Travel page for more information.

In more detail…

Our &Breathe Flow Retreat is designed for a gentler re-introduction to postnatal movement through postnatal yoga, helping to heal your body after pregnancy and childbirth. We have paired this with beautiful healing massages, baby-bonding, and warming ceremonies which will bring emotional closure after your life-changing journey to parenthood.

&Breathe Flow Retreat

The awesome Lynn Murphy (Director of the Active Birth Centre in London and renowned pre & post natal yoga and baby massage teacher & trainer with particular expertise in supporting women’s transition into Motherhood)

Along with Sanita Ellis (pre and post-natal doula, massage therapist and healing expert) they are your hosts for this very special nurturing week. In the early postnatal days, particularly up to six months post-partum but also after, new parents (mums in particular) and babies will benefit hugely from the positive healing energy which infuses all that Lynn and Sanita do.

Lynn has 30 years of yoga experience, and has trained, tutored and taught many women over the last
decades. She shares her skills in yoga, touch and mindfulness while bringing positivity and joy to her others. She will support your journey into parenthood which for many of us is not without its challenges.

Sanita brings love, peace and light to all her work and draws on the tradition of strong, spiritual, nurturing women who guided her through her own pregnancies and births, to her work honouring the important rites of passage for women.

Activities & Classes

Classes will include daily postnatal yoga and postnatal matwork/pilates to rehabilitate and strenghten the core plus baby massage & baby yoga, that will help deepen your bond with your baby. You’ll also have the chance to speak to Lynn and Sanita throughout the week both informally and through an Expert Q&A, which helps to tailor your retreat and focus on elements specific to you as a mum, dad and family.

Dads’ corework classes (also tailored to needs) mid-week are a chance for partners to get active and give mums a rest. Though postnatal yoga is a gentle introduction to activity, your body has just been through the biggest workout of its life and moving your body every day can be shock to the system. A rest day helps you and your body get the best out of our &Breathe Elements retreat.

Massage, Warming & Healing

In addition to regaining confidence and strength in your body, you’ll be acknowledge and thanking the work that it’s done to carry and birth a baby, as well as getting you through the first months of parenthood.

We celebrate this through full body massages, which are included for all adults on the retreat, which will help you relax and encourage deeper rest during sleep.

Sanita will also be available for highly beneficial and nurturing healing ceremonies and warming experiences which help you body and mind to celebrate the changes of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood as well as welcome your new identity and find peace in the transition.



We’ll show you how you can eat healthily but with delicious food, and more importantly how you can keep on track when you get home, with recipe ideas, and shopping lists. We realise you’re on holiday too, so there is room for a glass of wine and a slice or three of cheese – it would be rude not to in France!

Breakfasts are healthy and plentiful to set you up for the day. Lunches are light but filling, such as hearty salads or a healthy soup to keep you going until dinner time. Afternoon snacks are available before the second fitness classes of the day. Dinners are healthy but rewarding, with a taste of France, and inspirational menus that you can re-create at home.

Tea, coffee, and other soft drinks available to help yourself at all times. Plentiful table wine included and other more available at the honesty bar.

Other Lovely Things

Identity & New Mates – It’s not often that a group of young parents come together in a totally relaxed setting. We hope that you’ll make friends, share your stories and come up for air together. We certainly learnt a few things and were able to help others with our own experiences on our first retreats.

&Breathe Resources – It’s not often that a group of young parents come together in a totally relaxed setting. We hope that you’ll make friends, share your stories and come up for air together. We certainly learnt a few things and were able to help others with our own experiences on our first retreats.


Childcare – Childcare during our Classic retreats is provided by trusted, English-speaking nannies, who come to the Manoir especially for the retreats, as well as your hosts who include experienced parents and former nursery staff.


Lynn Murphy – Lynn has 30 years of yoga experience, after the birth of her two children(now adults) she trained at the world renowned Active Birth Centre (where she is Co-Director) specialising in the pre and postnatal period. She also devised the postnatal programme at the Active Birth Centre. Lynn’s yoga teaching is Scaravelli inspired; she focuses on the deep intelligence of the body that helps access movement that resonates from our core, allowing us to undo years of held patterns.


Sanita Ellis – Sanita is mother to three children, birth keeper, sacred postpartum mother roaster, a  ceremonialist honouring the important rites of passages for women, and holistic massage therapist. She uses various healing techniques to assist women in their journeys through life and is deeply passionate about nurtured beginnings and empowering parents through pregnancy, birth and in the early days.


The gorgeous Manoir La Croix de La Jugie is the venue for your revitalising re-boot. As a rambling family home, it has everything you need for new babies and older children, as well as being the perfect setting for fitness and relaxation.


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