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Child’s pose, also called the ‘Z position’ is one of the most valuable pregnancy yoga postures.
It gently stretches the pelvic joints and helps to increase the internal dimensions of the pelvic canal and outlet, making more space for the baby to descend and emerge during birth.
It will prepare your pelvis for birthing like no other posture.
Start with the more upright position knees wide apart but not too wide and toes turned in.


Progress to elbows or the full stretch only if you can do this with ease and a straight back.



Using a birth ball is a great way to support yourself in this position for relaxation or massage.


If you have pubic pain (SPD) make sure you keep your legs close together rather than wide apart and use a ball to lean forward.

This position opens the pelvic outlet from front to back (pubic joint to tailbone) so it’s a great birthing position. It’s very versatile and can be done on a mat on the floor, on a bed with the back raised, or in a water birth pool.
I include the child pose in every class I teach and recommend that you practice it gently for a few minutes every day throughout out your pregnancy.
Last but not least, it’s very relaxing!



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