Welcome to the Active Birth Centre

Prepare for your birth online with Janet Balaskas 

Active Birth is a way to take charge of your birth experience, learn about the miraculous design of your body and how to  trust and follow it on the day!

I invite you to discover your deep instinctual intelligence, learn how best to help your baby to be born and to have a more comfortable, relaxed and easier birth yourself. 

My teaching will build your body memory, increase your potential to give birth naturally or to combine what you learn with other options for a better outcome.

I look forward to welcoming you soon!

Janet Balaskas
Founder of Active Birth

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This feature-length film is a practical guide to birth, which you can work with from home


Pregnancy Yoga

Relax, breathe, stretch and prepare for birth in the calm and meditative state of Yoga. Click to find out how our classes are different from any you will find.

Antenatal Classes

“You gave me the tools for a birth that I didn’t imagine to be possible. I would do it all again in a heartbeat – it was the best experience of my life!”

Professional Training

Janet Balaskas has been training birth professionals for more than three decades, influencing birth education and midwifery practice across the globe. 

Postnatal Classes

The ideal follow-on from my classes! Discover Lynn Murphy’s amazing New Baby & Me Course, baby massage and mama yoga for after birth.  

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