Active Birth Online Workshop with Janet Balaskas

This iconic workshop is brought to you live  by JanetBalaskas, founder of Active Birth!

Be inspired by Janet’s unique experience and expertise as the founder and creator of Active Birth. This workshop will guide you on a practical journey through labour until the first hour or so after the birth of your baby. The focus will be on how you can work with your body, your breath, your baby and your natural instincts. A truly empowering experience!

Read what people say:

“A really fantastic workshop  – 6 hours felt a bit daunting before we started but in the end it flew by. It’s the first time that I’ve been able to consider and picture the birth process without anxiety, which was a really major step for me! 

“A big thank you for a very informative and well-paced ‘zoom’ workshop on Sunday, it gave us a lot of confidence

and practical tools for  the months ahead.”

“In just one day you taught us more than we learnt anywhere else – realistic, practical and enjoyable!”

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Sun 12th Dec Book Online

10.30am – 4.30pm


£105 per 1 person/ £145 per couple.

The cost includes downloadable handouts and a PDF of Janet’s Active Birth Manifesto and a free link to Janet’s New feature length film:

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Be fully empowered by awakening the intelligence of your body.This workshop will guide you on a practical journey through labour until the first hour after the birth of your baby. We will look at how you might breathe, move, and change positions both on land and in water and how this deepens as the birth progresses. You will discover the difference between various upright positions, when and how to use them. You will also learn about combining active birth with medical pain relief or interventions if you need them.

The role of the partner will be explored throughout – how best to support, touch, hold and be there for her. It is impossible to know ahead of time what your partner will want, whether this will involve a lot of active participation or not. So, the emphasis will be on how you can practice together during pregnancy, learn how she likes to be touched and develop the skills to respond to her at the time in the way that she needs. 


Be fully empowered for a wonderful
Active Birth!
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Can I attend the Active Birth Workshop on my own?
Yes certainly, you can attend on your own and it’s likely that there may be others doing the same, so you will not feel uncomfortable. 

Will this workshop be useful in addition to a Hypnobirthing /NCT course?
if you are attending a Hypnobirthing cours with Janet or elsewhere, or an NCT course the detail and focus of this Active Birth Workshop with Janet will be a valuable addition and very compatible.

How is the workshop structured?
We will be working through the physiology of the whole birth process in the sequence it unfolds with practical guidance, breathing, touch and visualisations of what happens in your body as well as seeing striking visuals.. 

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