Stella’s Story: A “Textbook” Example Of Natural Birth!

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“A little message to say that baby Bruno was born at UCH last Friday night! We are all in good health.

Giving birth was the most amazing experience and I couldn’t be happier about how it went. I didn’t need to resort to any medical pain relief, not even gas and air.

I used the TENS for the last part of labour before crowning. Once I got into the warm pool the midwife could see the baby’s head, and the surges were so very strong! He was born within half an hour (Water birth! Wasn’t expecting that!). Placenta also delivered physiologically.

I can really see how all the breathing, relaxation, visualisation and massage techniques that I learnt in the day-course with you, Janet, and then practiced more during the yoga classes really helped me prepare for this event.

My partner was also amazing, he did all the light touching and anchor points, etc. to help me through the waves. He was fantastic and the experience has furthered our reciprocal trust and existing bond.

After the birth, the midwife said it was a “Textbook example of natural birth!” Just telling you as I thought you’d appreciate knowing that all your teachings were put into practice and really helped!!! I did say it was thanks to you and the Active Birth Centre 🙂

Sending you love and gratitude.”


Congratulations to the happy family! We’re thrilled to hear your birth experience went so well – thank you for sharing this special story with us.

Stella had attended Pregnancy Yoga classes and the Complete Active Birth weekend course at the Active Birth Centre.

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