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Should my labour be induced?

Thank you to Helen for this week’s question: I am healthy and have had a normal pregnancy. Do I need to be induced at 40+ weeks? At her last check-up Helen was told that induction was strongly recommended if she didn’t go into labour within the next week or so.  I’m sure this is a

How can I encourage my breech presentation baby to turn?

I want to thank Oana and Ania for the question which is the theme of this newsletter. If you are not yet 30 – 32 weeks pregnant save this for later. At this stage it is normal for some babies to be breech. How can I encourage my breech presentation baby to turn? This is

In labour – when should I go to the hospital or birth centre?

I recently invited women attending my Pregnancy Yoga class or Active Birth Workshop to ask me a question. My plan is to start a regular newsletter called ‘Ask me anything’ and some great questions have already come in. The first is from Laura and thank you for this question: In labour – when should I

Hypnobirthing and Active Birth

Hypnobirthing works wonderfully with Active Birth. It builds towards the same goal of helping you become more confident and trusting in your body, and less fearful of giving birth, and it’s a beautiful way to connect more deeply with your body and your baby. Find out more about what Hypnobirthing can do for you in this blog by Janet Balaskas, founder of Active Birth…

How Does Yoga Help In Pregnancy and Birth?

Practicing yoga during your pregnancy is a great way to feel relaxed and comfortable and, at the same time, it is a deeply empowering way to prepare for your birth. Janet Balaskas – founder of Active Birth and pregnancy yoga – answers some questions…

Top 10 Benefits of Active Birth

There are so many benefits when you have an Active Birth – here are the top 10…

Charlie’s Birth Story: A Beautiful Birthday Surprise!

  I’m very happy to report that our little boy has arrived – he was born on my birthday! His birth was much sooner than expected at 34 plus 4 days, and we spent 10 days in hospital in neonatal, but are now home and he is doing incredibly well. His birth, although early, was


Our wonderful son was born in July and we’re very happy with how everything went! Labour/birth was such a positive experience. We had a natural pool birth in the High Barnet birth centre and Janet, you were in our minds with your wise words all the time. We’ve found everything you’ve taught us and the

Change Is In The Air!

  Dear friends, clients and colleagues   This is to let you know that the Active Birth Centre is taking a new direction. After lockdown we are no longer going to have premises at Bickerton House and instead we are developing some really amazing online opportunities to access our programme of birth preparation with Janet

Melissa’s Birth Story: A beautiful Active Birth during lockdown

Melissa had an empowered Active Birth earlier in April, and we’re absolutely thrilled for her and her lovely family!  She shared her story in an email… — We welcomed our baby girl into the world at 2.50am, some hours after I had spoken to Janet the previous evening. We arrived at the hospital after my