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Melissa’s Birth Story: A beautiful Active Birth during lockdown

Melissa had an empowered Active Birth earlier in April, and we’re absolutely thrilled for her and her lovely family!  She shared her story in an email… — We welcomed our baby girl into the world at 2.50am, some hours after I had spoken to Janet the previous evening. We arrived at the hospital after my

Helena's birth story

Birth Stories No. 4: Helena’s Active Birth

First of all I want to say thank you! I had a rather quick and ‘painless’ birth and I consider myself lucky, or as I think – the Pregnancy yoga classes, the Laid-Back Breastfeeding and the Baby Calm classes really helped!! I was due on Boxing Day and our baby boy came on the morning

Birth Stories No. 2: Monika’s Active Birth

Monika prepared for the birth of her daughter by coming to our Pregnancy Yoga classes with Lynn Murphy. This was her second baby, and this time she chose to give birth in a birthing centre. She would like to share her birth story to show it is possible to have a very personal and intimate experience