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Helena's birth story

First of all I want to say thank you! I had a rather quick and ‘painless’ birth and I consider myself lucky, or as I think – the Pregnancy yoga classes, the Laid-Back Breastfeeding and the Baby Calm classes really helped!!

I was due on Boxing Day and our baby boy came on the morning of the 28th. On the evening of the 26th I felt like something was happening down there but it was not much so I did not really think about it.

The evening after, on the 27th, I felt it again but as not painful I did not think of it more and I remember sending a message to my friend saying I think he will be late and stay in there until 2015.

About two hours later – 11pm – my waters broke, but as there was hardly anything, we did not think that was it. One hour later, just after midnight more water came and with that also the contractions.

By 03:30am the contractions were every 3 minutes and lasted 45 seconds. I called the Birth Centre who advised me to have a bath. After an hour in the bath I was exhausted and needed to lie down. The contractions now got closer, hardly any time in between so I called the Birth Centre again to advise them that we were coming in. They informed me that it was too early, but they could examine me and work out a plan so I was allowed in.

We got out of the car by the hospital at 06:06. I was 5 cm when they examined me and I was really happy to hear I was allowed to stay.

In the pool I ‘jumped’ and about an hour later at 07:37 our baby boy was out. A healthy boy of 3.3kg and 52cm. We stayed at the Birth Centre one night and then we were allowed home.

Again, a big thank you and I really do believe active birth yoga helps, and I have and will continue to tell every pregnant woman I get in contact with.


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