Rachel’s Birth Story: Quick, Calm & In Control

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I just wanted to let you know that we welcomed another boy to our family in December, weighing 3.6kg!

The early hours of the morning he arrived were slightly unsettled with many trips to the bathroom and a bit of back ache (which I initially put down to having spent so much time in bed the days previously), then around 7.00am it became clear I was having mild surges.  So my husband set about getting our son to nursery leaving me relatively comfortably with music, a gym ball and my breathing.

By the time he returned home, the surges were close together, 3-4 minutes apart, but short and not very strong. The Birth Centre at UCLH had said I could go in at any time and they wouldn’t send me home again, however I wanted to stay put as long as possible. By about 8.45 the surges were closer together (but still not too strong or long) and my husband eventually persuaded me that we should call a taxi.

It turns out this was the right thing to do…

We got to UCLH at about 9.20 and my waters broke as I was being admitted. Unfortunately there was meconium in them and protocol dictates I should have been sent to the Labour Ward and the baby continuously monitored. However, upon examination I was 8cm dilated and amazingly they were able to request a foetal monitor and had a paediatrician come down to us!  Most of this was a bit of a blur and very soon I had the urge to push.

Just three or four pushes in, my handsome baby was born at 9.56 – I’d heard that second babies come quickly but I think his swift arrival took us all (including the midwife) a bit by surprise!

I count myself very lucky as I’ve now had two incredibly positive birth experiences delivering our sons and put much of that down to Janet and Lynn’s classes. I don’t think I would have felt anywhere nearly as calm and ‘in control’ – especially this time around – without the breathing, movement and mental preparation skills you teach.

So I’d like to say a massive thank you from all four of us for everything – it could all have been a very different story!

With best wishes,


Thank you Rachel for sharing your story! It’s always wonderful to hear from mums who have loved Active Birth and come back with their next pregnancy!

Rachel attended Pregnancy Yoga classes with Janet and Lynn – you can find all their class times and details here.

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