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Do you love connecting with people, and would you like to inspire them for a life changing experience as they prepare for one of the most important events in their lives?  

Giving them an understanding of the amazing physiological processes of birth, and how to take charge of the experience, can make all the difference in preparing for a relaxed, empowered birth.

Do you have:

  • An affinity for working with people
  • A calm, nurturing presence
  • Enthusiasm for women giving birth positively
  • A love of continuous learning – learning from fellow participants, Active Birth experts, other specialists and from the people who attend your classes!

Does that sound like you, or like someone you know?


Many who do our professional training certification already work with pregnancy and birth – Janet has taught doulas, midwives and doctors, Hypnobirthing and NCT teachers, as well as experienced and knowledgeable mothers.

This is a fantastic and rewarding extension to the services provided by birth professionals, and students of these specialties.

During the course you will learn about the amazing physiology of birth in detail, and how to teach the essentials of this to couples in an engaging way.

You will learn about experiential teaching that educates the body memory and empowers women to access their instinctual potential. 

Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates instructors used to working through the body often feel a strong affinity with Active Birth and succeed really well as teachers.

Teaching experience is helpful, but this is not mandatory. We’ve had quite a few women who attended Active Birth Workshops and had incredible birth experiences, who then decided they wanted to share the joy of a positive birth and become teachers themselves. 

What you’ll learn

Active Birth Professional Training is a 5-day course conducted by Janet Balaskas – the pioneer and creator of Active Birth.

Some of Janet’s most trusted and experienced colleagues assist in the training: Jill Benjoya-Miller, Dominique Sakoilsky, Lola Alcarez-Perez, and Lynn Murphy.

The 5 days include:

  • A day of introduction and connection using   ‘The Seven Secrets’ method of Dominique Sakoilsky
  • The complete hormonal physiology of the birth process
  • Demonstrating the role of the pelvis, the uterus, the baby, and the mother in an Active Birth
  • Learning to teach comparative benefits.
  • How to share knowledge and inspire effectively through experiential teaching
  • Working with birth couples, partners and solo participants
  • Planning your own workshop/s using the Active Birth Workshop format
  • Integration with necessary interventions – ‘Wise Woman’ sessions
  • Teaching practice sessions (working in pairs or small groups, using charts and  a model pelvis and doll)
  • Assessments
  • Certification

How can Active Birth integrate with medical support?

A strong intention and an open mind”

This is our aim when teaching Active Birth. Many women use Active Birth principles successfully when the unexpected happens or medical interventions are required (e.g. induced birth, epidurals or C-sections). Most midwives and doctors will try to accommodate some aspects of Active Birth – this course will include specific guidance about how this combination can work.

Although you will not be teaching about interventions in the workshop, you will need to be able to answer any questions that may arise

about this. We will spend time with each topic exploring situations where mother and baby may need medical support. The ‘Well Woman’ aspect of the training will help you show mothers how they can continue to use Active Birth alongside interventions and stay as close as possible to the physiological. This usually provides reassurance and a safe, satisfying and positive outcome.

Next Steps

Whether you see Active Birth teaching as a career change or a way to enhance your current vocation, this 5-day training course with Janet Balaskas and her team will empower you and help you to make a real difference.

Read more or book your place here.

Want to chat to someone about the course and how to make it work for you? Email alice@activebirthcentre.com and we’ll be in touch! 

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