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Lynn Murphy, Active Birth Centre co-director and postnatal guru, writes:

My classes for new mums and their babies are all about better supporting women in their journey into motherhood. I have two courses: the first, New Baby & Me, is for mums and babies in the first 3 months after birth. The second is Mama & Me – from the fourth month through to crawling – which lots of mums attend more than once.

I often hear from women years later who tell me that they still meet up with other mums they met at these classes. Giving and receiving support as new mums is so empowering. It helps everyone to feel more connected, and happy that they are “good enough” mums.

Here’s Kim’s experience of the classes:


When I first got to Lynn’s class, I was in a really vulnerable state six weeks after the birth of my first child. In fact, coming to class was the first time I’d really left the house as my daughter suffered from reflux so getting out was really difficult for us. The class was a little oasis of safety and calm during this time. It was a lifeline meeting other mums and seeing that all babies are different.

I first attended the New Baby & Me course, followed by two rounds of the follow-on Mama & Me classes. In doing so I made lifelong friends who have provided invaluable support, answers to all sorts of daft questions about poo and postpartum bodies and sleep (or lack thereof) and lots of laughter too when I needed it. I also grew and developed as a new mum and got myself back together again in a way that had felt impossible before. The combination of baby massage, yoga, and advice from outside professionals on weaning, nappies, and self-care, was exactly what I needed to help build my confidence and my strength.

Lynn provided us all with a nurturing and non-judgmental space. Her gentle approach and advice at a time when everything else was so prescriptive, conflicting and anxiety-inducing, allowed me to learn to trust my instincts again and gave me the permission I needed to parent in the way that I wanted to. 

Kim and Yaara

Lynn really provides a holistic approach to mind and body, which is why I started practising yoga in the first place. The classes are small and personal, and Lynn really made a huge effort to get to know everyone individually as well as providing additional resources and support. I was really sad to leave in the last class as it felt like family having seen our little ones grow from 6 weeks to 6 months.

It really was a very special place which I’m so thankful to have had, and I can’t recommend the classes highly enough to new mums. Thank you Lynn!

Love from Kim & Yaara


More about New Baby & Me and Mama & Me…

Included in the classes is the art of massaging babies, which takes mums and babies to a new level of relaxation!

Yoga that’s specially designed for this time helps reconnect women with their bodies post birth and begins the journey of rehabilitation, starting at the core. Alongside finding new friends, this is a wonderful holistic support package for the first 6 months after birth for mums and babies.

Read more about the classes and book your spot:

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