Relaxing During Early Labour

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Here are three ways to relax in early labour:

1. Early labour – resting position

It’s helpful  to conserve your energy before the intensity  builds up – especially if labour starts at night. Rest and even sleep between contractions lying on your left side, with your upper body well supported…

…or kneel over a ball, onto a comfy pillow.

2. Resting over a ball

If you need to be more upright, try sitting on a ball. Your partner can gently rest his hands on your shoulders occasionally during contractions to remind you to breathe and to be calm and relaxed.

3. Sitting – if you need to be upright

These pictures were taken at the January Active Birth Workshop with Janet Balaskas, where we tried out all the positions women like to use during labour and birth.

Want to learn these and other poses developed specially for pregnancy and labour? Janet’s much-loved classes include the Active Birth Workshop, Couples Yoga for Active Birth , weekly pregnancy yoga classes, and the renowned Hypnobirthing For Active Birth Weekend – the ultimate preparation for birth.

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