Yoga Pose No.7: Dog Pose for Pregnancy

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We have a great new yoga pose for you this month: the famous Dog pose, specially adapted for pregnancy!


Janet says:

“People often ask me whether this yoga sequence is good to do in pregnancy as it is an inverted position. The answer is yes IF you feel like it and ONLY when you are less than 30weeks pregnant.*

“After 30 weeks, the priority is for the baby’s head to go in the opposite direction – down into the pelvis. The only exception is if your baby is breech, in which case this position may encourage baby to turn and not to get stuck into the pelvis breech first!”

“View it as a moving sequence (more like a playful puppy than a dog) and don’t hold it for a long time. If you are more than 30 weeks don’t despair – I am going to send you a standing alternative next, which you can do right up until the birth.”


1. Start on all fours…

2. Spread your fingers, and tuck your toes under.




3. Breathe and lift your pelvis up slowly, keeping  your knees BENT.

4. With knees still bent, breathe and lengthen your spine, dropping softly between your shoulders.













5. Now bend one knee, rolling the foot onto the toes, and straighten the other leg softly – heel towards the floor.
Slowly alternate legs a few times.

6. Bend both knees, breathe, and return softly to all fours.










7. Slowly move your pelvis back towards your heels.

8. Rest in child pose, breathing deeply.









9. And finally, up you come… smiling!


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